What's the knock against Bijian Robinson?

I see minimal support on selecting Robinson at 18 and just about zero at 6.

So what’s the knock against this guy? I just saw a segment on him on NFL network, he looks like the real deal. I say no at 6 but giddie up at 18.

i just think at 6 OA we need a DT or CB more.


Well to start it is his first name. Bijan sounds like a kind of mustard, so there is that…


He’s prone to mustard gas. Workplace hazard.


The only real knock is position value. The league has moved away from the old single workhorse RB model and more to a platoon RB style. Which also serves to diminish their value in FA

Similar to Hock. He was a good TE, but TEs just generally aren’t drafted all that high and he immediately had negative equity value.

However I favor Bijan in the first because he’s a rare RB at 220 with advanced pass catching chops. He can run all the routes and has plus hands. I think he could have a Deebo impact. Deebo is a WR who can play RB and Bijan is a RB who can play WR

The other knock is his senior production didn’t live up to his junior year. He regressed a little. And looking at the data splits, the offense didn’t drop off much when Roschon was in


The knock is, he won’t be there @18. :cry:


Well I’d say go look at the contest entries to see how many people want Bijan. I’d say he’s the most wanted prospect on the site.

I’m one of the few staunchly opposed to it but I’m aware I’m in the minority.


I hate the argument about draft value/position. If you know he won’t be there at your next pick and you think he’s the best player, take him.


Holmes seems to agree with you


Hello? I want him at 6. Because he’s the best player.


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I’ve read a fair bit about him from some knowledgeable folks, and the opinions seem divided as to why he’s so great, but most agree that he is. One report said the only comp for Bijan is Marshall Faulk, because he’s such a fantastic receiver and there’s better pure running backs in this class, then the next one says he’s not much of a receiver, but is fantastic as a pure runner and blocker. I don’t know, everyone loves the guy, raves about his work ethic, and says what a great teammate he is, and his impeccable character off the field.

I think the kid in Arkansas might be better, but that’s next years draft.

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anyone who says he’s not a plus pass catcher is cocoa puffs

Through his first 19 career games, he hauled in 41 passes. An 86th-percentile per-game rate putting him in three-down range with players like Todd Gurley, Dalvin Cook and Le’Veon Bell

He’s not just catching dump-offs. Per PFF, he lined up in the slot or out wide on 13.5-percent of passing plays (76th-percentile) and sees an average depth of target of 0.7 yards (64th-percentile). He’s being asked to run actual routes.

Robinson’s 85.4-percent is an 86th-percentile number among backs with average depth of target above the 0.5 mark. Upon securing those balls, Robinson is turning upfield and making things happen at an elite level. His 12.1 YAC per reception is an 88th-percentile mark.

If you filter for guys who entered the NFL at 210-plus pounds, had a positive receiving profile and whose first two college seasons each had at least 85-percent similarity to Robinson’s from a production standpoint

Marshawn Lynch
Edgerrin James
Kareem Hunt
Sony Michel
Ricky Williams


Zero drops junior year I think.


He plays RB. If it was 1995 he would be a top 3 pick but given the league has shifted investing high draft capitol and money into a RB isn’t necessary.


Personally I am not nearly as him on Bijan as others, I think his comp is Matt Forte where some comp him to LT. The thinhs that I dislike about him are

  1. We he played against good defenses in Bama and TCU he averaged 2.7 and 2.4 ypc.

  2. he has good speed but not elite speed

  3. Since Johnson also put up great numbers Texas either had a great line, played craps defenses, or had two really good RBs. I tend to think its a combination of playing bad defenses and two good RBs.

  4. since we already have Monty (who I am very high on) I would look for the homerun hitter and to me thats Gibbs, Achane, and several others

  5. this is a deep draft for RBs


Well some fans are obviously smarter than others dammit :grin: :grinning: :rofl:


Biggest knock on Bijan → Hairstyle…by a mile!

With Jamo out I think his value for us goes up. He can play snaps at RB or WR so has a lot of position and scheme flexibility which the Lions love from players.

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When it comes down to it though. I’d rather have JSN than Bijan


I will be happy when we take the second best player in the draft with the sixth pick, unless of course the best player will Anderson is there. The position value argument is trash I know that running backs are not proving worth the second contract but at the very least we have a rediculous weapon in the run and pass game for five years. How many players in general other than qbs stay with their original team we act like we are going to house a roster full of guys who are all going to stay with us for 10 years plus. If he is the best player on brads board u take him period.