What's up with Number 1 Okuda

I see him on special teams but hardly on defense

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Because Fields can’t throw. But I know what you mean. They must not be testing him at all.

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Commentator commented that aaoron Glenn benched some guys for not tackling/being physical enough.

It was at the same time unnoticed Okudah was off the field and hughes had replaced him.

Maybe he tweaked something or temporarily lost his confidence.

He was referring to benchings that happened in the carolina game not in this game

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It’s crazy because Okudah was a fantastic tackler for most of the season. He may be in his own head, but we need him to get his stuff together for next week.


Yeah I know. Thanks for the clarification. I took it as whoever he benched had to earn their reps. I noticed in his press conference he never mentioned Okudah failing but framed it as Mike hughes has earned snaps/has been playing well for us too.

Obviously he’s just saving face but I view it as an extended benching. Earn your snaps.

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Hard to “test” a corner who’s on the bench all game lol. Okudah was benched in the 2nd half last week and it carried over to this week. Honestly the D looks better without him right now. Hopefully it’s a wake up call like it was for Elliott.

Okudah was benched in both, so I think he was referring to both. He didn’t call Okudah out by name, which I’d expect since Vilma is a former player himself, but I think it was obvious who he was talking about.

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He specifically said there was benchings last week due to poor effort in run support. That the team had a good week of practice so glenn felt good about his defense coming into today.

There was no reference to the current game or benchings simply what happened last week and in practice to correct it.

I’ll take your word for it, I don’t remember the exact language he used. My brain just processed it as “he’s tiptoe’ing around Okudah because he doesn’t want to call him out.” Either way, there is slight concern with Okudah being benched 2 weeks in a row with the season on the line.

Overall I think the biggest concern is that basically every CB on this depth took a step back this season outside Jacobs. Okudah started hot, but has faded big time as the season has gone on. Amani has fallen off a cliff. Parker looked passable last year, isn’t playable this year. The secondary under Aaron Glenn is the biggest overall concern for this team both short and long term.

I think if there is concern it is likely that brad is going to be able to fix it quite easily… he seems to have a good history evaluating db talent. I will say just as a reminder it wasnt this leadership that brought in okudah or ao… okudah fading after returning from an achilles the way he did is also understandable hopefully he can be better next year if not this team will move on from him and are showing they will

My concern lies less with Brad, and more with the defensive staff developing the young talent. We already fired our secondary coach so there is hope they can bring in some better help.

Kerby has played well for a guy thrust into action, jacobs has played relatively well considering he was an udfa a year ago, elliot had been playing well and seeming to hrow in his role here, and hell iffy played well today. Now some of these guys will just be role players when the talent acquisition is further along but considering most of these guys are rookie or 2nd year guys, coming off injuries, and most were low to mid level investment. I will take it, but the talent level and compete level need to improve

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I think Okudah is done in Detroit. Holmes has gotten rid of all Quinntricia players…it’s no coincidence

He resigned romeo and there are a few others still here. I think they give him the offseason training and preseason see if he is developing or growing from this year. They still will likely invest heavily in db’s though

This is correct @Luke . They asked him about him after the Carolina game. Question was “Why didn’t he play much in the second half.”

And he said “Why didn’t we? We needed to get Mike in there. There’s some things he can do for us. He squeezes on the run and he’s pretty good in man coverage. And he’s a good corner. Jeff’s, look Jeff is fine. Things happen. Jeff will rally back, he’ll be ready to go.”

So I don’t think he tip-toed because he was asked and therefore used his name plenty, but he didn’t bury him either.

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You misread the conversation. We were discussing the announcer on the live TV broadcast. You are talking about Coach Campbell. You are having an entirely different conversation than the one we were having above about the TV announcers

I mentioned this before, but as far as playing time goes Okudah is basically a rookie. He’s never played this many games and he is coming off that Achilles. He might be physically depleted at this point in the season. Typically players come back stronger in their 2nd year after an Achilles and he showed legitimate #1 CB potential for almost half the season. I would hope he comes back ready to be a force in 2023.

What will be tricky is his option. Do you pick up that fully guaranteed option in 2024 for over 11mil? If you don’t and he has a really good year and we have to franchise him the tag number will be 20mil.

I personally pick the option up. 11mil is going to be solid #2 money by 2024, but it is a tough call. I do think it will tell us how much they really value him.


I’m with you - tough call, but I think you do in fact pick it up. It’s essentially like using the franchise tag for half price with no long term commitment. It’s worth it to give another look. Similar deal/situation they did with Chark this year.

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