What's with the snow in the D?

Called my sister down there and you guys have been getting hit pretty good with early winter weather. Is the place shut down?

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It’s so Cold in the D

Doesn’t look snowy?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Can’t be snow, global warming!

FYI, overnight low here in Bexar county (TX) was below freezing, expected to be as cold or colder tonight.

Detroit City had about 8-9” total.
VERY unusual for Nov 11…

Bexar Co! I did my ABD at Bullis (in July/August 77). Love that area!

a lot of closings I am up by Frankenmuth, Michigan , there has been a lot of cars in the ditch and accidents, we got roughly 4 inches here but blowing and drifts are about 9 inches. yesterday I could only drive paved roads in 4 wheel drive or I was sliding all over top speed was 30 MPH.

The Glen Arbor, Empire, Frankfort areas had 33 inches as of 11:00 last night!

God, I hate snow.

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yeah snow and cold sucks, worse yet when people want to race around like they were on dry clean roads whild your praying to get back home and not wind up in a ditch.

AC has been running all day, in Orlando. Florida does not participate in winter, but summer is a royal bitch, and hurricanes suck. I’m thinking about fleeing to the north, as soon as spring hits.

Who asked you! :cold_face:


That’s just today…cleared it all last evening. FFS.

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It snowed earlier this year here. I’d love for it to happen again.

It happened last Christmas … while I was in California visiting in-laws … :roll_eyes::roll_eyes: