What's wrong with Kerryon?

After 3 games, he’s yet to have more than 50 rushing yards in any one game and only 1 rushing TD.
Not to mention, last year he was 2nd in the league at 5.4 YPC, now he’s at 2.6 YPC.

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He’s facing too many 8 man fronts. He will come around, maybe this week at home.


7-8 in the box. Run blitzes. Dare Stafford & receivers to beat us.


I am not worried, yet. I am under the belief that there are some issues in executing the scheme. I am willing to give the run game until after the bye.

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I think he’s fine. Give him some time.

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This, he hasn’t been dinged yet.

He didn’t face them last year?
Is Ty Johnson not facing 8 man fronts?

That seems like the exact opposite of what a defense should do. Most teams know our best player on offense is Stafford, I was surprised to hear that teams were playing so many 8 man boxes tbh.

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Is it because the offense is using a lot of 2 TE/FB formations causing the D to use 8 man fronts?

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Not too surprised. The Lions have telegraphed they they want to be a run team this year and sunk a ton of resources into it. Seems a reasonable plan on the surface would be to stop the run and try and pressure Stafford into bad throws and mistakes

Can’t say it’s a terrible plan. We are three dropped passes from being 0-3. I expect though defenses will start to soften up if we continue to have success in the air

Bevell is schooling us Lions fans on what it’s like to plan out a season from a play design standpoint… defenses are going to have to start playing more honest as we keep racking up the wins against 8 man fronts


Or we could be in for a losing streak to take back to .500.

Our rush attack is all time bad right now.

The eye test, to me at least, says Kerryon is fine. I feel like it’s more of an O line issue and not a RB issue. PAss pro has been pretty good but run blocking has not.

I saw in a different thread that almost all of KJs yards are YAC. So basically, he’s performing fine. It’s the blocking for him that needs work.

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I definitely support Kerryon saving his breakout game for Sunday against the Chiefs.


More 8 man boxes against him than any other RB.
It’s as if they don’t respect our passing game.
I hope it continues.

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Yeah but didnt someone just post something about how great Ragnow and the interior line is run blocking?

Is your avatar, Carrot-top?

ill bite - why so negative you are simply looking for the negative

we are undefeated

we are one game form a historic mark with our passpro… three games without a sack if they keep matt clean this Sunday…… which has never been done in Lions history!!

we are the only team with 3 different wrs with over 100 yards and a TD each…

we currently hold the 6th seed

there are more positives than negative here…

too many SOL fans……

many said 0-5 and here we are without a loss yet and we can beat KC