What's your Fantasy Football team name?

Whose got the best FF team name?

I’ll start:

Turn your head and Goff


My Ball Zach Ertz


I went from “Henry Ruggs Racing” to “Show Me Your TDs” this season.

In all of my leagues except the one one here, I’m 'Hillbilly Irishman;. On the Den FF league, I’m ‘Tucker’s Terrific says ex wife.’

I hate you. love your name. :wink:
I lost the finals to you last year.
Gotham Gremlins.

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Full Blown AIDanS


My commish in one of my dynasty leagues name is Jay… so I went with this one at least for the year.
See Jay’s Gardeners Johnson

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It wasn’t me, brother. I was in only 1 league last year that was for my wife’s work league and I lost in the Finals after smoking the league in the regular season.
Was there someone else with this name?..that I thought I came up with.

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I thought that said, Love Brockers.

Frustrated World Cup GIF

Mine is Air2theThrown - it’s a play on words and when I made the name back in the mid 90’s I took a different approach to building a FF team. Most guys back then always grabbed a RB in round one. If you didn’t have a great RB then it was hard to win. Most all starters were off the board by the end of round two.

I realized the second highest scoring player back then was the QB so I would grab two early. There was always a shortage of QB’s and RB’s so having two quality starters meant I could switch them based on the pass defenses they played.

I would also load on on WR’s early so my teams were built on the passing game not the running game like everyone else was.

Hence I was going to air it out to win the crown.

My strategy worked as I won several championships. Including the sporting news championship… which was a pretty big deal back then and it paid 10k to the winner.

When we first started the Den my username was my actual real name. I later switched it to my FF name.


!!? Wild.
Someone with the email guitargod1986
Turn your head and Goff
That’s who I lost to. BTW, I have Goff!

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Rodney Ruxins


Mine is 3 inches of wags. Ideally none of you get it, if you do then you already know who i am.

Yeah, GuitarGod was another poster who lived somewhere near me here in Grand Rapids.

Man, here I thought I came up with that name on my own. I wonder if he ever posted his FF name and I just recalled now?

Cuddles (my dogs name) fooseball

Jamo’s Jackpot is mine

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I remember this story from the past. :+1:

2 pint conversion