What's your X-factor for this offseason?

There are always several.

This offseason
-How quickly can we learn the new offense?
-How quickly can our QB’s wife return to health/is he prepping & focused?
-Does Agnew return to form? If he does, can he play QB, or is he just a ST guy?
-Do we have a massive void at RG?
-How good is our LDE position? If they do well, we could see a lot of turnovers, even if the DBs are less than stellar, as the rest of the DL is very solid.
-How does it look with TEs replacing Tate’s production?

I think our D is nicely upgraded already, and they were 10th last season. I can easily see these guys being a top 5 or higher D. If we can control the clock at all on O, I can see us winning a lot of ugly, close games. I’m thinking we are a playoff team this year, and a deep playoff team/possible contender next. I believe in the leadership now.


Trust me, he’s not thinking about football, right now. Nor, should he!
Soon enough, he’ll be in “can’t wait” mode, and he’ll have a new hero to kick ass for.

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RG is a ?, but maybe not that bad. Maybe.

Interesting to see how good the running game will be with the 2TE sets. And the passing game too.

How good will Amendola be for us? Can he be our answer on 3rd down? I can see him and Riddick creating problems for defenses when they’re out there together.

Defense should be shit-hot right out of the box, no excuses for a bad start this year. I don’t see teams running wild on us like last year before Snacks arrived.

Not expecting too much from Tavai in his rookie year, I think we’re short one decent LB.

The DL is gonna rock.

If they do, so will the secondary. Nothing like a good pass rush and stuffing the run to help out your pass defense.

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More than likely correct. And I agree.

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I like what you said about possibility of Riddick and Amendola creating issues. We potentially have a lot of versatility on O. Our new RB may beat Riddick out though. Either way, they seem like similar players with similar skill sets, to me.

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I dunno if Ty Johnson is anywhere close to being NFL-ready, he might need some time to learn his position and acquire the necessary pass-pro skills. Maybe I’m wrong tho.

There’s also a big question mark in receiver skills.
If he unseats anyone, it will be Zenner (again), most likely. Maybe, Anderson.
Let the best player win!

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could also factor in where we have/need the most depth. To me, it seems the new dude is most likely to make the team as a KR/PR. Will Agnew return to his old form? He came back, but was visibly much slower than he was pre-injury. I think it could come down to where we need depth (DB or RB), as well as who is the better return man. They will likely consider who can be the bigger contributor moving forward, and if Agnew’s health will be an ongoing thing. I like Agnew - rooting for that dude.

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Yeah, I like Agnew, too. Hard not to.
And yeah, again, PR/KR is how Ty can win a job, but, 7.7 yards per carry ain’t too shabby. If he can do 5.0 in the NFL, he’s in! If he can maintain 7.7, Kerryon needs to watch his back!
Ain’t this fun! Seriously, look at our offense! I’ve never seen a more talent stacked Lions offense in my life.

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I’m excited by the incremental growth that appears to be happening. I think we finally have the guys in the front office to get this thing done! I love the pieces we’re putting into place. To me, what is even more important than the talent is the attitude. Every interview I’ve seen with a Lion this year is someone who feels like they need to earn it, are grateful for their position in life, in work, in DETROIT! Lots of high character guys that like to hit. Ty is the only dude we drafted that isn’t a physical, aggressive player.

Looking forward to some serious smash-mouth football on both sides of the ball. If Goodell doesn’t turn this into a flag football league before we get our title, I think we’ll snag one or two with this front office, this style of player, and this philosophy.


Darrell Bevell.


I agree with the new OC sentiments. He will influence every aspect of the O and we will see if he is an improvement over JBC. If not, we have issues in a big way.


Can’t get any worse than the 1st game against the Jets.
He will be 10x better than JBC.


Bevel is gonna have more options to work with and a better ground game. Not to mention a better defense IMHO so that the O doesn’t have to score 30 to win.


The return of Nick Bawden, FB, San Diego State.

If this guy can block as well at the professional level as he did in college, our tailbacks could be in for a big leap forward in production this up coming season.


I actually really look forward to this as well, believe it or not.


Liquid Heat in the other teams jockstraps


Funny, I DJ on the weekend as DJ Liquid Heat.


Polka dance?

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