When does league announce playoff schedule?

2024, baby!

The Saturday Night game is on Peacock? You’ve gotta be kidding me. So there’s a chance that I have to find an online stream, or a bar, for the Lions game?

Roger says “hi”

Free trial maybe?

They have a 7 day free trial from what I understand.

(whispering) I uh, pay for it separately. It’s a soccer thing.

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" The Peacock exclusive Wild Card game and regular season game will be broadcast on NBC stations in the two competing team cities, and available on mobile devices with NFL+. The NFL is the only sports league that presents all regular-season and postseason games on free, over-the-air television in local markets."

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If it’s a free trial then that’s fine but I just find it odd to put a playoff game on a streaming service. Sign of the times I suppose

Right, will be available locally in the two cities involved.

Well I stand corrected. Generally speaking though …

I just wanted to post that since the “Exclusively” language concerned me. For my metro-Detroit brethren, we straight.

It’s also a bizarre approach to capitalism. Instead of the normal “give the consumer what they want” it’s “grind them down into submission. Their will will falter.”

It’s an NFL-specific thing, nobody else could pull it off. I mean, look at this:

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First domino falls …

I’m just glad I live here. I use an antenna with a USB that let’s me record for 90 minutes. In fact I am watching this game on it and could pause if I wanted.

So I’m happy but don’t disagree with the peacock comments.


Collinsworth just said the schedule will be released at halftime

Ha, I called it. Pretty much guarantees Rams-Lions for prime time I’d think. I’ll guess Monday Night

New thread …