'When Lions Were Kings' and other Lions books

Hey all, just finished reading this and it was fantastic. All about our beloved team in the 50’s, featuring great insight, history, etc. Highly recommend it. Any other Lions books ya’ll have read or recommend? Note:This book does not come cheap but well worth the price.



Just “Paper Lion” , the film and the book.


Steven King sometimes writes under the nomme de guerre Richard Bachman, so when I saw at Barnes and Noble this spring

" Maledictus Rex: 6 Decades of The Dark Man’s Reign" by R. Bachman,

I had to pick it up…It’s about a town in early 1960s Michigan, Blossoming Rise, who had a closed vehicle plant (that turned out a few possessed cars) encounter a pale, cloaked stranger that drifted into town on 11/22/1963 and whisper the phrase " Aeturnum Vadum Adflictio" to townspeople.

Not long after, disturbing clowns were seen in town and a veil of depression known as the Full Dark, No Stars swept over the metro area. The town no longer could Carry it’s normal enthusiasm through the depressing Mist that hung over the city, and a dwindling Skeleton Crew of people that were reduced to a shambling Bag of Bones by the curse, tried to make a Stand. Alas not even their Desperation borne Rage made a difference against the Nightmares and Insomnia caused by this curse. There was no Revival of their hopes , just Dark Visions of endless suffering and mismanagement of this never ending Creepshow. This Danse Macabre led to an endless Dead Zone, until most succumbed to the Misery.

The book ended with another stranger arriving in town, an energetic Survivor Type with Shining Eyes of the Dragon and slightly unfocused energy that reminded one of Drunken Fireworks, who promised Different Seasons and The End of the Whole Mess, with the goal of conquering Joyland.

A cliffhanger, for sure…can’t wait to see how it ends.

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It probably ends in a Sematary of Nightmares and Dreamscapes, where the only escape for the main character Dolores Claiborne needs to shoot a Cat’s Eye with a Silver Bullet to escape. Sounds like a real Creepshow.

I have no idea how that was related to the original post but yours was awesome!

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Definitely will check this out, thank you for the recommendation!

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