When the USA Today point blank

says it…no PC “might have” or “could have”…point blank nationally calls it ROBBERY…it ain’t just Lions fans being sore losers

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Were, The NFL knows this too will go away


Never said they would fix it

We are not the Packers, Cowboys or Saints

Packers and Cowboys definitely. I think the Saints are in a different boat with it being such a bad no call in such a high profile game and such an outcry afterwards. The league got what it wanted…which was LA in the Super Bowl. But to address the outcry of how they got them there, it appears they put in a rule on a trial basis that they have no real intention of enforcing unless it benefits a team like the Packers. As a Vikings fan reminded me in another thread, even though the league has given a big F-U to just about everyone when it comes to the reviewing of PI…after the Packers gave up a touchdown the league buzzed down and got it taken off the board on a BS offensive PI call.


The Saints got a rule changed just like we did with the Calvin rule.

But they are still only the 25th most valuable franchise despite their success so they will have to beat the refs and other team to go far in the playoffs.

They would get the calls against us but if its them vs the Cowboys or Packers they are getting fucked.