When was the last time the Lions felt this way?

Arizona fans get an announcement. I love their reaction to it. When was the last time Lions fans felt this way about a player? Can you think of any player currently on the team that the Lions fans would react this way about?

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Barry, but the opposite.

Larry Fitzgerald is the 2nd best WR in NFL history in my book. Cardinals fans should be excited. I know I was when I saw the announcement.

So, to answer the question…unfortunately, I think the answer is never?


Collectively? Maybe never.

Bro, that’s not real.

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Ummmm, give a few seconds and I can have “Lions” fans reacting like that to whatever you want me to. It will be as legitimate as that video.

Lol they did this video with Sidney Crosby coming back too

Yeah, that’s fake as hell. I’ve seen that used for many different teams lol. Either way, pretty cool to see Larry come back and still put up decent numbers.