Where do Postgame Press Conferences get uploaded the fastest?

Or even a live feed?

This shit I have to see.

Someone already said Patricia is giving his bullshit response.


Time = saved. Thanks.

sigh …

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PS Bring Back Jim Schwartz

(No, seriously.)

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No bullshit…can tell he is frustrated but not looking to get fined and giving the political, we need to fix this… need to look at that…have to be better.

Why not?


All this team does is LAY DOWN when this shit happens EVERY YEAR.

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Good. Excuses are stupid. Take it out on Minnesota move to 3-2-1 and figure it out from there.

Excuses are. Legitimate reasons are not.

So sick of this team just taking it like a bitch.

Do you think the NFL will apologize? What will come from it other then someone losing cash? Bitching out the refs IMO could have more of a negative effect because other refs will pile on (mpre then they already do).

Until we are a winning team shit aint gonna change!

Gotcha. So keep doing nothing and expect change.

Awesome mindset if you’re in to padded rooms.

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GB coach doesn’t know how they won that game. Should tell you all you need to know about the NFL.

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It might be easier for Patricia to blame the refs if we didn’t gift the Packers 4 points turning a FG to a TD with 12 men on the field and then lost by 1

Or TJ catches the pass and we get 4 more points in a game we lost by 1

Those two things were not ref induced and cost us 8 points in a game we lost by 1

Jus saying

They are being diplomatic in the postgame conference but you can tell by the body language and tone of voice that they are pissed! I’m hoping we play the Vikings angry next week.

I heard him say that too. So you’ve got:

Aaron Rodgers post game interview says “this doesn’t even feel like a win”

And then the head coach in the lockerroom after the game

“I have no idea how we won that game.”

Yeah, we get officiated just like every other team. Nothing to see here.

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Honest question…what would change by calling them out? You really think all the NFL refs are gonna suddenly say…oh shit Detroit is fed up! Better pick on someone else!

The media will do its job and call out the BS reffing…let them do their job

I teach high school kids and I would NEVER tell them if they are getting shit on to gladly accept it and hope it gets better in the future.

If I saw a bunch of kids cheating and lying to win over and over, I would find a way to punish them ONE and TWO I would tell the kids getting cheated to man the hell up and do something. Living life getting shit on doesnt make it any easier.

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Good luck with that.

Answer the question please!

NFL network is talking about it. You dont think shows like PTI or First Take aren’t going tontalk about it?

I already did elsewhere.