Where does Goff rank?

Goff top 10? That’s pretty good Kool-Aid. I don’t think the Rams would have shown him the door if they agreed with that assessment. When he’s hot he’s pretty good, provided he doesn’t see much of a pass rush.

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Agreed top 10 is a lot of koolaid!!!

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To me, Number 1 is Rodgers until proven otherwise. Matt Ryan is a lot better then 19, C’mon.

Everyone’s list is gonna be somewhat arbitrary. I like 15 for Goff. 15-18 sounds about right to be in this arbitrary exercise of personal opinion. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If the lions are sucky (3-6 wins) next year then he is top 25. If the lions are 8-9 wins then he is most likely 9-12 range. He has that much say in where the lions go……

Tom Brady’s kinda like a pink unicorn born during a blue moon.

How much longer is Ryan going to play? There have been suggestions that ATL has been on the fence about trying for another playoff run with Ryan and preparing for his eventual departure.

Atlanta seems to always be terrible of late. And then there was that colossal choke job in the Superbowl. I tend to not have a very high opinion of Matt Ryan. But he was probably better than I give him credit for.

If you asked me if he belonged in the HOF, I would first chuckle, and then say f-no.

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They CERTAINLY wouldn’t have given up two first a third and him if they thought he was a Top 10 QB in the league
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Read the whole post.

If you’ve got a time horizon of 3-5 years (eliminating the old guys), you’re factoring in upcoming contacts (like Murray wanting an Allen-esque quarter billion dollar deal), and you’re not projecting what young guys might become, then yes, Goff is top 10ish for me.

I don’t think that’s terribly unreasonable.

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Agreed. I think he surpasses several on the original list if given adequate help / receivers etc.

Me either. Top 3 QB rating in last 5 games when given something to work with. I have no problem thinking Goff is top 10ish right now.

There were issues early in the year but seriously, does anyone think our inexperienced receivers not knowing their routes, in an all new offense might have had something to do with it??

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Goff with an Oline is key.

I think there are 3 tiers of QB’s in the league.

Tier 1 - The elite game changer types. Mahomes, Allen, Rogers, Stafford, Wilson, etc

Tier 2 - Quality Serviceable type - Ryan, Cousins, Tannehill, Goff, Carr, Etc

Tier 3 - The guys you want to upgrade from.

Goff is serviceable. You can win with him but your going to need a quality supporting cast to do it.


Well, this won’t be popular with some, but here’s how I see it:

It depends on what the goal is. If the goal is to continue with this rebuild and get players that are building block type players then I’m sticking with Goff. If the goal(for 2022) is to try to win as many games as possible, I’m going with someone else.
My impression is that Holmes and company are doing this rebuild from the ground up. They’re acquiring fundamental, corner stone, building block type players from the inside out. Cornerstone types that will hold down the front line and make the trenches solid. Both offense and defense. With depth/backups. Then they’ll go after the ‘hands’ players. That looks like the plan and I like it. So they’ll need to place as early of a draft position as possible. If that’s the case then I’d go with Goff. He’s probably the best bet for a top ten draft position. Possibly another top five. I don’t really think adding receivers is going to help him much.
Just my take on it and him.
If the goal for 2022 is to win the most games
possible, go with almost anyone else.
If the goal is to set up for the future and the longer run they’ll need to get the best draft position possible, play Goff.

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Murray doesn’t impress ME ‘that’ much, is he good yeah , but he get’s sacked way too much , and makes several errant throws to …I don’t see him near Brady Rogers , but others can drool and slobber over him…I can’t. this group thought Stafford was a poor excuse for a QB that couldn’t do anything in his career as a Lion -to. Murray does not concern me as much as old Cheesedick Rogers does. sorry my bad I MEANT Kyler Murray, because I like Burrow more than Murray.


He’s Cousins. He can look good, even great when perfectly protected. Put heat on him and he’s D-.

Yeeesss…all QBs are worse when pressured, and that’s not what I mean. What I mean is, he’s D- in terms of how he handles pressure vs how others do.

so…he is both serviceable AND a guy I want to upgrade from.
Serviceable gets you 9 wins a year and a first round out…maybe a short playoff run.


I’d put Carr just ahead of Goff on account of his athleticism. He still needs to be above all of last year’s rookies until they prove something. For me that even includes Jones. I think he’s close to Tannehill. Ryan’s got so much more athleticism than Goff but if I need to win on a final drive then I’m taking Goff.

I think 14-16 is where I’d place Goff. His upside is being massively slept in. He can be a top seven type of producer in a really good situation. He has proven that. Can we build a top 5-7 "offensive ecosystem for him though?

Goff was at Cousins level for a short while but couldn’t maintain it. I like the comparison, but I don’t think he’s there. He’s a poor man’s Cousins.


I’d love for us to have that hillbilly. I think he’s tougher than Goff, as well as a better leader. Passing talent may be fairly comparable, with Goff being more accurate mid/short game, and Carr having a bigger arm.

I can see that. Cousins has improved too. Continuity/stability has helped him a ton.

Oh I agree with you about Murray but you said Burrow so that was what I was reacting too…