Where does the rams pick end up?

With the rams pick now guaranteed to be no lower than 31 in 2023 i thought it would be interesting to make a few, way too early, predictions.

Where does the pick end up? Do we make the pick or ship it out in another move? Who is your way too early prospect that you have slotted for that resource?

Staffords elbow is reportedly keeping him from practicing fully and hindered him during the offseason to this point. What do you think happens with the last asset we have from the trade?

Unfortunately the NFC is to weak a conference for me to see them not make the playoffs. The division isn’t a given though. The Cardinals were one of the best team in the league until the last 4-6 games last year and still have that potential. The 49ers will also be tough, and may be even tougher if Lance plays better than expected.

I’d say best case scenario is them not winning the division and getting knocked out in the wild card. SO a pick in the early 20’s.

This will have a ginormous, humungous even, affect on it.


I would expect another deep playoff run. Possibly even another Super Bowl. Stafford is always dinged up and plays through it. I’ve read a few things and the local reporters are talking about the excitement of this offense actually gelling this year. As crazy as it might sound, last year it was not as smooth as it looked, this year it’s different. Allen Robinson is better then woods and he and stafford have been working together all offseason. With the uncertainty of trey lance in San Francisco, the rebuild in Seattle, and not trusting the cards for a full 17 games….my prediction is Division Champs and at least 1-2 playoff wins. Most likely that second 1st rounder will be 28-32.

People hoped for a collapse last year and cited a lot of different reasons but none of it mattered. No reason to think that the defending SB champs don’t have a successful follow up season……I’d imagine 13-14 wins.


Well at least it wont be 32 regardless of a superbowl victory or not haha

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I’m predicting we have the same picks as last draft. 2 and 32. Except this year we earn the 32 and the rams give us 2 PA

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Rams SOS for 2021 was around #16… Rams have toughest schedule for 2022…

Rams gained A-Rob and Wagner
Rams lost Whitworth, Von Miller, OBJ, A Corbett, OBJ, Michel, and R Woods…

Rams had Stafford, Kupp, Donald, and Ramsey play every game…

With a much tougher schedule, lesser talent, and almost certainly less injury luck- AKA- Stafford elbow-

I see the Rams either 12-5 and 1-2 playoff wins with Stafford healthy all year, or possibly a 6-7 win team if Stafford misses a good chunk of the season and plays hurt-


If the elbow has been as issue all offseason, it’s highly unlikely to magically heal in the next month+
They’ll end up putting injections in there before game time
Can he last a full season?
Hard to bet against him, equally hard to say he can do it


I missed something
Why can’t we have pick #32 next year?

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Dolphins got docked a first round pick for tampering. So the first round will only have 31 picks.


If Mike Florio is hyperventilating, it’s probably nothing.

If your starting QB is in pain during training camp, you rest him.

Dude is 34 and his body has been torn apart by 12 years in the league. There isn’t a 12 year player in the league in camp that is playing without pain.

NOW, if the season starts, and he’s not ready, or is short arming throws, then it’s a different conversation. Then you wonder if LA IRs him, eats the loss of the pick, and prepares for next year. THEN we’re in a really, really good place.


I cared a lot about where the pick ended up last year because the Lions needed all the help they could get in terms of drafting higher but after seeing what Holmes was able to do with that draft capital, I’m confident that he’ll be able to get “his guy” regardless of where the pick ended up.

It’s just nice after seeing the draft haul they got last draft (and with the Hutch luck) that the Lions have a really nice foundation to build on with two 1sts still to come and cap flexibility to work with going forward so if the pick ends up at 31, whatever, it’s still a nice bean to sprout or a trade chip to get the desired QB or the big bald DT for @BigNatty

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I only care about where the Vikings pick ends up. That’s what matters.

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LOL - Yup! That’s what I see too. Next year, our highest pick is either DT or QB (Finger’s crossed).

Also → hope they keep their new regime around for a long time, before figuring out they never should have hired them.

The Rams may not even make the playoffs. If they do I don’t think the make it out of the wild card round. JMO!

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We had people who said that last year.


I can easily see a Super Bowl hangover….it happens to a lot of teams who make the Super Bowl. They do play in one of the toughest divisions in the NFL….the combination is why I have my doubts about them.

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If the Rams stay healthy I think they make the playoffs for sure. They were able to get Von Miller and OBJ during the season and Kupp and Donaldson were healthy in the playoffs. Staying healthy is such a big part of making a SB run.

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McVay loves to rest his vets and play backups through preseason. This is probably a nothing burger…

Akers looked like Joique Bell after Joique came back from his Achilles. He will be better…but I don’t think he is a top 16 RB.

Allen Robinson looked worn down, used up and disinterested last year. Not sure he is going to bounce back regardless of QB.

The Rams are lucky Russ wanted to cook at higher altitudes, or they would have a AFCW situation going on.

A whoooole lot went right for them last year…and some big wrongs too w Akers and Woods.

If Stafford is upright for 15+ games, they make thr playoffs. At that point they should have OBJ dialed in, thats the rumor at least.

I think their floor is 8 wins with some Stafford missed games. 10-12 is their range otherwise. That’s WC 2 to NFCW champ range…

I think we are looking at pick 26 or so, 1 playoff win territory as the most likely scenario.

If Goff gets us to over 7 wins I like the overall Staffird trade value chart with pick 32 turning into Jamo, Iffy, Pick 26 this yr and what looks like a reasonable starting QB on a reasonabke contract, for essentially Matty and pick 34.