Where is our #8OA draft pick?

I just don’t understand why you invest that much in a guy that you aren’t going to build a game plan around utilizing. Yes I’m sure he got himself in the doghouse early for some key drops, but c’mon. No way we should be focusing on getting Amendola the ball when you put a top 10 pick into the TE position, plus an expensive vet contract to boot! Free Hockenson!

Wondering if he’s still having effects from a few weeks ago. Haven’t read anything though.

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The Arizona game seems like a decade ago. Since then, he’s been pretty non-existent, except for the drops.

Overall, we have been moving the ball thru the air just fine, so I’m not going to lose my mind. Would I have preferred drafting a different position with that pick? Sure, but TE’s don’t typically light it up their rookie years and I think he’s still got a chance to be a good one.

I’m much more pissed about our 2017 draft where we took Davis and Tabor in the first 2 rounds and both were terrible busts.

That’s what rookie TE’s do. They disappear for stretches. We won’t get the most out of Hock for at least two more years. Their just bringing him along slowly as he adjusts to the pro game.

Remember he dropped a crucial TD vs GB.

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I do not think Davis is a bust at all. He’s been hurt this year and isn’t up to par yet but he was a major reason why our run defense took off last year. Once we had Snacks to eat up blockers he was able to fill gaps with very good success. Not to mention get after the QB.

Personally I think he has the makings of a future probowl caliber LBer.

Would just like to point out that DE Brian Burns has 4.5 sacks through six games for the Panthers.


Doesn’t Devin Bush have 2 touchdowns too?

I know he doesn’t fit the scheme but damn

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Seems like they’ve taken it slow since the concussion if you ask me.

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A concussion is a all or nothing injury. Its not like a hamstring.

If there a need to take it slow he wouldn’t be playing.

I agree, but at the same time it doesn’t seem like they’ve moved away from him as a primary target.

He was my final mock choice for us and our pass rush sucks donkey balls. Oh well…

This. And generally that was my problem with the pick - as a position, TE’s take a while to develop and rarely end up being true game-changers.

Ok, so what about our non-rookie TE Jesse James? You put that much FA money AND that much draft capital into a position that you aren’t going to use much? I mean, 500 year old Danny Amendola should not be the focus over the TE group IF you are going to play peanuts with the WR position and drop massive cash on the TE position. Something is incongruent and it goes beyond a rookie TE syndrome. We can’t run the ball either, so that was supposed to be a reason why for Hockenson and James. Really it’s not a knock on Hockenson to me. That drop against GB sucked, but it was actually a massive hands to the face that disrupted that non-catch. Still should have had it, but the bigger problem is we are not scheming for him or James and with that much investment you are screwing up somewhere.

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Yeah, he has as many TDs as Kerryon.

Also, you know who doesn’t fit our scheme? Jarrad Davis. In fact, he looks like he doesn’t fit any NFL scheme. Someone like Bush can play on any team in the league and succeed.

He would have had another TD yesterday if Stafford had hit him in the endzone while being wide-open.

Hock hasn’t been used enough in the passing game. The run game sucks so much they need him more as a run blocker and pass protector.

He, (Hock) was alert enough to block his defender at the goal line so Jones could coast in on his first TD

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This is what a franchise gets for taking a TE #8 Overall.
While I don’t dislike Hockenson, TE isn’t a position you waste a top ten pick on.


To think we could have (and many on the other board called for it) Devin Bush and Irv Smith instead of TJ and Tavai, that would be nice.

No to mention we could have had Cook instead of KJ as well. What a different team we would look like.

I was willing to spend a 1st round pick on Cook. Were you?

I didn’t think we were going RB, so being a Michigan honk, I was hoping for Peppers. I would have been disappointed in my pick.