Where the hell is the love for Marvin Hall?

Someone might have replaced Amendola …

This guy looks super legit.

Not finding a ton of people talking about him, but his adjustment to that Stafford ball late in the 4th was masterful. Loved watching him step right in and play huge.


Nobody knows who he is. Looks like we will all know his name soon, though.

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I was going to start a post about him. He did a good job coming in making a sweet catch on the sidelines.

Didn’t realize we’d use him like this after bringing up Kennedy from the PS…

Hall had a few ideal catches in the KC game, IMO he deserves “good job,” but not enormous praise and hype or anything Kenny Golladay was three times the player and has cemented himself as the SURE #1 WR of the group.

I am digging what McKessic brings to the table even more.


I literally couldn’t remember his name, until Nate posted this! LOL. I’m not sure he is Amendola good, and at this point, I really don’t feel he’s Amendola reliable, but I am damn grateful for what he did on the field yesterday.

Amendola is a tough guy that doesn’t drop 'em, when he hears footsteps. He’s usually really dependable too. Age factor…who knows? Maybe this dude steps up and finds himself a spot here, or somewhere else? My guess is, after the bye week, we see Amendola back out there. Hope he’s okay!

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We’re getting some glimpses of McKessic.

I’m guessing Bevell is saving something special for divisional opponents …


I think so too. McKissick is earning his touches, and keeping Ty Johnson off the field.

I’m concerned the Lions are using KeJo a little too much, they’re going to need him down the stretch. So if it’s me, I firmly adopt the RBBC approach with McKissic and TyJo getting more of the work and maybe getting Perkins in there too.

Hall did a nice job on Sunday, he ain’t big but he is fast. What I don’t know about is his route running underneath and his hands when he knows somebody’s coming.

Completely agree, and not just because I’m excited to see what Ty can do (I almost wonder if they don’t trust him to help with blocking, when it’s called for).

The Lions did use KJ a lot vs the Chiefs. Good thing it is a bye week.

McKessic, Hall …
I’d never heard of these guys but both have stepped up and contributed
This almost never happened in the past
Other teams could throw out guys you never heard of and they’d do damage
It’s a nice we’re getting that for a change
I’m totally impressed with the coaching staff this year


We still have Zenner in our back pocket, too.