Where would Derrick Brown play in our defense?

I keep seeing his name thrown around and I’m having a hard time projecting where he’d play if everyone is healthy.

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On the field?! :crazy_face:



I see him playing DT on any down. He can disrupt running lanes, the pocket on pass plays. Eat up 2 blockers most of the time. Having Brown, Robinson, snacks, and Bryant in the rotation would be a nice rotation. I dont think he will get very many sacks, however breaking down the pocket disrupting the QB could be just as good. If we are going to continue to 4 then we need them to get constant pressure, not necessarily sacks, but pressure.

Would he really be that much of a difference maker than if we kept A’Shawn?

He’s a much more talented player than A’Shawn is.

And would play with more aggression and attitude. The Lions D could use some teeth


I think ashawn is mostly a run stuffer. Brown can do both from what i have seen. Demands Double teams every play. I think he will snhance the LBs as well eating up blockers and such. Kind of like how levy was behind Suh. A lot of people didnt like levy until Suh got here. Levy turned into a pro bowl play then. Brown isnt Suh but not too far behind. Just my opinion though.

A’Shawn was considered to be a 1st round talent. I see the difference in the two players but that really wasn’t what I was asking, I was asking if Derrick Brown would really be more of a difference maker.
I just don’t see Brown as having the presence of a Suh or Donald.

Suh had 12.5 sacks and 20 TFL’s his last year at Nebraska, Brown has 4 sacks and 11.5 TFL’s, that’s a HUGE difference!

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Do you think A’Shawn is a $10M+/year player? That’s the main thing we are up against.

A’shawn had 3.5 sacks and 7.5 TFL’s his last year.

The #2 overall pick last year is making an average of 8.4 million per year, all of it guaranteed.
That’s not much difference in money…or probably play.

I was only really referring to how Suh made everyone around him better. Suh was a physical beast. Ziggy, Levy, Fairely. all better With Suh. Without him Below average.

Suh and Donald are Special players. That kind of like comparing One of the bosas to Reggie White and Bruce Smith. Bosa will be great but maybe not as great as those two. I dont think Brown will have the sacks or TFL suh did but he could be a very good DT.

I am a little scared he ends up being the next Fairely though. I never watched Fairley in college, but assume he played well.

So you think A’Shawn is worth $10M+ per year?

No i dont think he is worth 10 million. Not sure where i would value him.

Do you think Derrick Brown is worth 9 million a year?..I’m guessing that’s about what this year’s #2 overall will be making.

At #2 i would hope we would take Young not brown. If we stayed 5 brown would be a great pick.