Where's Dan?

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Just keep printing money, it’ll work out…


China like the US and every other country are reliant on a good global economy. The phony balance sheets in the US due to the tax scam and elimination of regulations that will certainly be reimplemented once the new Dem is in the WH are just a couple issues why the world economy is on shaky ground. Climate Change will be an issue that will cause economic issues, but is necessary. Pretending that Trump’s idiotic trade war has any positives is leaping off a cliff without a net.

Oh man that is hilarious That’s right.up there with Titiana McGrath. Well done.

I like that dude. He is funny.

I read the forum often, mostly the Den, but don’t feel the participation itch.


There’s another version named Godfrey Elfwick that isn’t bad either
Edit. Sean Spicier is also hilarious, because so many people don’t realize its a parody account.

Welcome Dan!

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You made it over. Good deal.

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