Which 1rd player drops 2 rds at least

Last year wr hakeem butler was mocked late 1 mid 2 selection and went with the 1st pick in 4th. Whos the player this year that drops? My vote is wr tee higgins deep draft class is deep wr especially can see tee goong late 3rd early forth.

I think Chaisson gets drafted lower than many fans think. He has ability but his injury history is not great . He also has problems with bigger players an I think not two rds but I think later in rd 2 than many think. I will not be shocked if he is not picked rd one


Really? How far do you think Delpit drops? He was amazing in ‘18.

I think some WRs will have to drop. I’ll go ahead and say Tee Higgins slides. Don’t think it’s two full rounds though.

Delpit to me is a top ten player in this draft . Love Him

I think he drops too. But not two rounds.

I’ve seen him ranked top 15 and I think he goes mid round 2. Greedy Williams was ranked top 10 but fell
to 46 due to tackling concerns. I expect something similar with Delpit.

Netane Muti - A fringe first rounder (at best) who will drop heavily on draft day due to an Achilles injury.

Laviska Shenault - I actually like this kid but I think he falls on draft day due to all the nagging injuries he’s had. Durability is a real concern with him. Then add in his slower 40 time. With all the WR talent I could see this kid falling to round 3.

I know you didn’t ask for it but the kid I think will rise up the draft board and go much higher than some are projecting is S. Jeremy Chinn. It wouldn’t shock me if this kid went late round 1 - mid round 2.

I am going to pick on Xavier McKinney. He falls, speed questions.
I see bigger things for Ezra Cleveland. He’ll go in the first.

Antoine Winfield. he was hyped early (2nd round) but looks like he is sliding already. He is just too small for a safety in today’s NFL, so he goes to late 3rd or 4th.

Have to agree with people on Delpit he looked poor in the championship game. I think his weaknesses in tackling will hurt him like it did Greedy. Not sure he can be a free safety and doesn’t tackle well enough to be a strong safety. He is another guy who benefited from the talent around him.

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Great point AIR i totally forgot about Laviska shenault i think there is a great possability he drops to late 3 early 4 . with so many gifted wr i can see him falling even further. Just to make my point ( really Airs point lol ) i have not heard of late any draft experts even mention his name.

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Shenault at the top of round 3 would be all sorts of amazing. Despite being a WR he might just be the best short yardage runner in the draft. I certainly would hope that we’d incorporate some wildcat concepts into our red zone packages if we get him.

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Agree on Winfield, this draft is pretty strong for safeties at least thru the first 2 rounds. The closest thing I can remember size wise is Bob Sanders, who was taken in the 2nd but he laid the wood and had a 41" vertical. I would be hesitant to take Winfield in the third.

I agree Jack. But i seen some mocks with winfeild in the first rd.lol

I don’t know that he was really ever a fringe first rounder on anything more than message boards, but he’s definitely gonna go a lot later than everyone thinks. I wouldn’t touch him before the 6th myself. It’s not just an achilles, it’s a lisfranc too, and those are two really bad injuries for a 300+ pounder.

But his 2019 tape is as bad as his 2018 was good. And it’s bad with the sort of stuff front offices really aren’t gonna like. I think he falls to the 2nd but it wouldn’t shock me if he fell all the way to the 3rd. It’s gonna be hard drafting a last line of defense who isn’t actually a last line of defense.

Nick Coe is also a guy who had a great 2018 and then his numbers fell in 2019, and he’s been pushed down pretty far on most draft boards. Not really his fault, they moved him all over last season. He’s a guy who I would consider as early as our 4th, same round we got Hand in.

I think that’s an overstatement. He was a top five defender in all of College football his sophomore year. He wasn’t a bottom five defender in all of College football his Junior year. His play did improve a bit towards the end of his Junior year but there is no doubt he was highly disappointing last year.

Nonetheless as you move into early day 2 I think his upside will be too much for a team to pass on. We shall see. I think Delpit is more likely to fall to round 3 than Shenault but I guess both are possible.

You’re right, I got a little hyperbolic there. I was just so surprised/disappointed when I started watching his 2019 tape after loving his 2018 tape. I’d heard it was worse (and while I didn’t pay attention to him specifically, I watched plenty of LSU games live), but I never expected to see so much regression.

But watching him in 2019, it was like he’d never taken an angle in his life. I came out of 2018 thinking he was instinctive, but I don’t know how you can be an instinctive DB and take the sort of angles Delpit was taking this past season - both towards ball-carriers and would-be receivers. (However, he does react as quickly as any safety in the class - sometimes before the QB has thrown it or the RB has made his cut… I’m more worried about the stuff that happens after that).

Then of course there’s his atrocious tackling. Before I watched, I thought maybe they could be chalked up to ‘business decisions’ guys make when they know they’re coming out and don’t want to get hurt (see James, Derwin). Well, nope. He has no sense of coming to balance before attempting a tackle… he seems to either come in too hot or almost disinterested. The narrative has become that he played hurt last year which explains his poor tackling, but tackling was (pretty much his only) weakness in 2018 as well, he missed tackles at a 20% clip, as opposed to 25% in 2019. At some point we just have to admit that he’s a bad tackler. And if he’s gonna let guys run loose in the secondary on top of that, well I don’t want any part of him.

I tried to love him when I watched his tape. I came into it heavily biased towards him after loving him last year (which is of course a no-no). So the fact that I just couldn’t bring myself to do it says something.

I mean, he got trucked by a kicker.

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He was bad this year, especially the first eight games or so. I have no idea why that was. He was literally my favorite college defender to watch in 2018. I thought he was on a Sean Taylor trajectory.

Despite his struggles I think he’s exactly the type that we should target if he does in fact slide. Shenault as well. Especially if we have extra picks. It’s about time for BQ to start aiming for game changers. If you want to hit home runs you have to live with the strikeouts.

I’m probably a little too focused on his floor while you’re definitely looking at his ceiling and fair enough, I would have been right there with you a year ago (in fact I was). I agree 100% that we need game-changers and if Delpit proves to be one then I’d be ecstatic with him. I just happen to think his strikeout risk is far too high.

I also think the depth of the position pushes him down the board. Personally, I’d rather have Winfield, Ashtyn Davis, Kenny Robinson, Chinn and maybe McKinney above him (not as high on him either). Give me Delpit over Dugger but that’s about it at the top. Now I have a top 70 grade on all those guys so it’s not like I’d be predicting them to fall too far past the 3rd, but I think Delpit’s 2019 tape is full of enough stuff front offices are gonna hate that it’s possible.