Which Lions coach could still suit up and play?


Fun idea by the team. Sheppard is the logical choice. He’s only 34.

Decker and Anzalone the most realistic about the whole charade.

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Gotta be Sheppard for sure based on his age. Although Mark Brunell might be the best backup QB on the the sidelines. Besides Fox of course.


Haha this thread needs more love!

So funny! haha

I’ll stick with Brunell. But Randel El might still be good for a few reps. Duce as well, could get us 3 yards and a cloud of dust.

@BigNatty Check this out. Asked about MC/DC… haha that was Paschal our 2nd rounder’s response

Dan would still put slot-nickels out of their misery; and I’m with Staley too. You aren’t stopping him when we need a 3rd and 2. Randel El would just use his wisdom to move the chains a couple times. Brunell would give you two solid drives before passing out. But yes if we have to pick one, Sheppard.

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I’ve got Coach Dan.

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I’d put our coaching staff against any other in the league. But I’d relish the chance to see them put on pads against the New England pasties. (Edit to add ) I think there would be a few visciois blocks thrown on some fat ameba know-it-alls. BLOODBATH

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Matty p would use his cart to do the coin toss

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MC/DC would still kick his ass even in the cart.

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Would be cool if during hard Knox they play a game of 7 on 7 flag for a day off. Coaches vs players

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Thor ain’t a bad nickname for ole MotorCityDan


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