Which Lions player is the biggest key to victory over Seahawks?

Sewell moving to LT and locking it down will be huge

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Didn’t read article but I’ll go with Laporta. He will need to be an outlet in passing game but the TE will also need to help out Nelson on right side to keep Goff clean.

It’s the o-line. If Goff is under pressure that changes everything and not in a good way.


Defend the run. Whoops that’s not one player.

I’ll say Hutch. Think he’s a major problem in both the run and pass game today.

I’m surprised they don’t have a backup for every spot. Rare mistake by Holmes in my opinion. Not easy to move positions, even if you are as talented as Sewell.

I think Sewell was drafted to eventually move to LT, but I could well be wrong.

Hutch again *

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I will say Hutch because he can take this game over. Our LB’s are also going to be important because Geno killed us last year extending drives with his legs.

Two IOWA boys holding down the right side, I’m in. I have Goff as the biggest key to victory.

I think you are right, but it is still difficult to move over mid-season (I think). At least I’m confused as to why they would not have a backup for that position, even if moving would turn out to be the better option . . .


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