Which Lions staffer has the juice to call the league office and bitch?

Campbell is the obvious choice…but…

I’d like to see our owner Sheila call them and say - -

This shit stops now, or we pull all Ford Truck advertising from every network showing the games.

Talk money and the league office will listen. I know this would never happen, but…?


About what? Taylor’s pass sets?

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well, now that you mention it that would be rather drastic for a RT’s sets. I’m just tired of our Lions continually getting the shaft.

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Someone has to call to brag, then hang up. When they call back say “new phone, who dis?”

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The Lions got shafted all game by the refs. It was complete horse crap.
Sheila better be on the phone blowing up the league office. It is 100% unacceptable

This kind of crap ruins the fun of the game.

It is one thing to feel like the subject calls go against you.
But it is another when easy and clear procedure rules are not call that is a problem and hard to fathom.


Did anyone else see the ref throw a flag on a Hutchinson late hit?

…yeah, I didn’t see him throw one either.

If I remember correctly, it was a hit near the Chiefs goal-line or in the endzone. We got away with a late hit penalty, IMO.

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Who on the team would you nominate as the prank caller?

CJGJ would give himself away with all of the swearing. We could have St. prank the league in German.

When the “paid to shill the NFL product” announcers are showing literal replays and laughing, added in with the on-site ref also putting it on blast, PLUS all the “be nice to the league” media talking heads going after it Friday, then yeah… …someone should be making a call.


Wear a mask during the phone call!

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Come on fellas, do you think if Taylor the RT was doing that against Micah Parsons in Dallas the refs would behave the same way!??? HELL NO!

And if they didn’t, just once call it, I swear to all goodness Jerry would be calling the league office on his private bat phone!

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The NFL already knows. They had their opening game showcase and all anyone wants to talk about is the officials and their lack of enforcement of the Chiefs RT.


Oh I bet the refs league-wide already got a tape and a letter sent to them about this going into opening Sunday. I really wish the Chiefs and Lions weren’t playing at the same time next week. I’d love to watch their game and see if anything changes.

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Can I be hired for one day?

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What’s that got to do with the RT of chiefs? By way he was held more than one time so Chiefs got away with a few holds an you can see them if you care to look.

Sounds like you rather not see those .

No need to call league on the RT , most media talking heads have pointed the issue, that 's how bad it was, not just a few times many times.

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Yes the league can’t ignore it. Even during the game the announcers and the rules expert called it out for Christ sakes….and then all the pundits to include Peter King we’re talking about it Friday. It will probably be a point of emphasis next week. Probably bite us in the ass against Seattle lol

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If I recall correctly, this is exactly what they did when the league started leaking stories about them taking the Thanksgiving Day game away from Detroit.

Outside of the RT. I like that they just let them play. I’d love more games like that one

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If true, then good for them.

Believe that was KC owner Lamar Hunt. He wanted it spread around.