Which new addition to the Lions is most underrated?

Both Reader & Zeitler were highly rated additions, so Amik Robertson makes sense.

I’ve got Manu!

Won’t show up this year…but it’s most underrated, IMO. He’ll be the new BroMart! :wink:


Underrated? DJ Reader. Elite run stuffer with upside to push a pocket. Will affect every other position. Benito became Reader. BIG upgrade.

2nd place:
Carlton Davis III. Hard to imagine a bigger upgrade over CD Sutton in this scheme.

3rd place:
Terrion Arnold. Vildor to Arnold, even as a rookie, is a HUGE upgrade.

Honorable mention:
Davenport as he is replacing Okwara. Another big upgrade.


I’ll go with Rakestraw, since he wasn’t even mentioned.

His 40 time and lack of INTs dropped him, but he was injured as can probably run in the 4.4’s healthy and could well be more productive as a pro. Aggressive and versatile CB who some had at the bottom of the 1st.

When Brad says they had him as their second favorite CB, we should probably listen.

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I agree that it is Amik. I feel like many are sleeping on him and he is going to be on the field a ton more than people seemingly expect.

On the offense, I would say it is our 3-4-5 WR’s. I believe the expectations for all three are super low and I believe all will make contributions beyond expectations.

Davenport is definitely in contention. If he stays healthy, he can be what we’ve been waiting for opposite Hutch.

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I just love that Holmes is so good that it could be one of 38 Different guys.


I don’t think Reader is underrated at all. It was a huge addition. He’s a top 5 Nose tackle in the entire nfl. If he’s healthy… he might be the best player on our defense.

Underrated I’m going Vaki… think he makes a big impact on kick returns, especially with the new rules

Who’s our field goal kicker? THAT guy!


I like Davenport for most underrated. Also like that the Vikings are paying him more this year than we are lol.

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That’s my pick, too. He’s crazy good and gets no love.

Wingo - just because he not mentioned yet. And he could be a real wrecking ball.




I said this exact thing like a few days ago. Total agreement.

Netane Muti I think he along with are drafted OG gives us two who can start an team will feel ok if they must. Some will say what about Sorsdal I think he will be the swing OT. I think they keep a vet OT on PS maybe two. Muti has a solid chance.

I think they will all do well. Every player we added has talent. Now, from a public perspective?

It is Amik Robertson for me, but that is because he has zero accolades and is a good football player.