Which OL do you prefer

Assuming that Kraemer is an option to play on Sunday

  • LT - Decker, LG - Jackson, C - Brown, RG - Ragnow, RT - Sewell
  • LT - Decker, LG - Steinberg, C - Ragnow, RG - Jackson, RT - Sewell
  • LT - Decker, LG - Jackson, C - Ragnow, RG - Sewell, RT - Nelson
  • LT - Decker, LG - Jackson, C - Ragnow, RG - Kraemer, RT - Sewell

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Very good poll… I voted for Kraemer at RG only because that causes the least amount of shuffling


Yeah, same here. It’s wild to me that so many people think it’s a better idea to move multiple people around instead of just filling in the one injury spot with his backup.


I want to point out that my selection wasn’t taking into account Kraemer’s or Ragnow’s supposed injuries.


Oops picked the wrong one. But I agree with @DetroitStrong that the least amount of shuffling is ideal for chemistry.


Kraemer but he’s limited this week in practice so I’d go with Brown because of his experience

I picked up the wrong one as well.

Prefer one that can stay on the field.


…with Nellie @ TE.
Let’s run the football, boys.

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Kraemer move i agree with Rag has sore groin but feel he is best playing what he knows best to keep as safe as possible. I like just one move.

If Kraemer is to sore to go i would use Brown. I think they want to keep Brown in case Rag has problems during game.

Will be interesting how they work this out.

They signed Paulo to PS seemed like quick move maybe he has worked at RG during the preseason an could be used. I know listed as OT but we don’t know if he got work they liked at ROG .
They are allowed to move few up from PS he has the size of a OG 6-3 320 They made that move just couple days ago cut a TE from PS to bring him back. He was on PS most of last season also.

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It doesn’t matter. Lol

If Ragnow is messed up, start…

Decker, Jackson, E Brown, Sternberg, Sewell

If Rags is fine, then play Brown T RG

The best combo of talent would include Brown but there’s no way Ragnow isn’t my Center.

I could see Decker - Brown - Ragnow - Jackson - Sewell

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I believe in playing to a players strength. That would mean Rags-center, Decker-lt, penei-rt, and Jackson at guard. Shifting someone out of their best spot when you have other options makes zero sense to me. You only move them if you are out of options.

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So Kramer is injured. Ragnow didn’t practice again today and Vaitai is on IR…

So Decker, Jackson, Brown, Sewell, Nelson?

Good grief. Nelson the converted DE had a 50.8 PFF grade last season. But at least when he played extended reps against Indy this preseason he had a respectable 78.2

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LT: Decker
LG: Stenberg
C: Brown
RG: Jackson
RT: Sewell

I think this is what the Lions limp into week 1 with. But, I’m typically a bit of a pessimist.


I went with stenberg at left guard because I want the best run blockers we have out there. I want to control the clock and keep that eagles offense off the field as much as possible.


If they don’t have Ragnow, Kraemer and Vaitai, I’d expect that would be our starting OL.


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