Which pick would you hate more, and why?

  • Skoronski at #6
  • O’Cyrus Torrence at #18
  • I’m cool with either of those picks being made, just not both obviously
  • Both of those picks would equally piss me off

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So many options of what we could do. Getting Skoronski #6 and Bijan at #18 would potentially be quite dangerous.

I voted for I’m cool with either of those picks.


I’d like the Torrence pick much less. Skoronski could play guard or tackle so he’s extra value. I feel like we can get a guard just as good or better than Torrence in the 3rd or 4th round. We need impact players on defense much more than we need a first round right guard.


That’s what Skoronski is here…

I voted OCyrus at 18. Skoronski at 6 only makes sense because nobody is really worth that pick imo.

At 18 several guys are worthy of that pick.


Yeah I don’t love going OL at 6 either but I’m opening my mind up to it. You HAVE to protect Goff and someone like Skoronski gives you an eiite prospect at guard while he learns the tackle position in the nfl. He can also be our #3 tackle if Sewell or Decker goes down.


Listen I totally get the appeal and I’m not saying ■■■■ Holmes if he does it. It just doesn’t make much sense to me.

Let’s say they draft skoronski at 6, then spoon/gonzo/Porter are all gone by 18. We gonna reach for another corner? Or pass on corner again and wait for another 4-5 to come off the board before we pick again at 48?

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Take Branch or Bijan in that scenario

Everybody seems to like Phillips and the other Illinois CB.

I like Ricks a lot.

USC has a good corner too they say day 3 for him…

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It’s clear I’m much more worried about corner (and the defense period) than you are.

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Day 3 guard…has a lot more starter potential than a day 3 corner.

I’m not gonna high Jack another Jman post lol. I’ll bow out of this one homie!

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Impact player @ 6 without any question marks on them! Those are the key words. Holmes got us Sewell and Hutch in the top 10 already. Game changers is what the Lions need most.

@18 I might be willing to risk it for the biscuit a bit more.

That’s why for me Carter @ 6, I pass. At #18, might be worth the risk.

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I’m really not a fan of going offensive line in the first round this year. I’d rather use those picks to get talent in our secondary or defensive tackle depending how the board falls. In the second or third round go get the guard/center combo guy. Or the tackle/guard combo. Hopefully we can trade back a bit from 6 amd still land a #1 corner.

So, only one hour until Monday.
Schwartz would be sitting outside someones house, right now.

Offhand anyone know the last guard drafted so high? I can’t even remember one that couldn’t at least flex to tackle.

this is shaping up to be one of the worst drafts to grab a guy early and plan to play him at OG or C…. because there are several good players available and one can be had later.

Which is true…. in most drafts…. and why most teams don’t draft a OG in round 1…,

and…it isn’t even one of the top “needs”.,


positional value isn’t great……

so no.

absolutely no.

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Quenton Nelson was drafted #6 in 2018 by the Colts. I don’t think he’s played a snap at any position other than OG.

Scherff was #5 overall.
Martin was #16 overall

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