Which QB is having the best year so far?

Lol. Nobody takes what any of us say about the NFL too seriously, least of all you.


Iggy, what’s the point of even trying to talk to you. What’s the point of you even posting on this board? All you do is trash and ridicule anyone who disagrees with your all knowing takes. It’s really interesting that you believe Dak is a top 5 qb based on this year when he hasn’t done anything against teams who are good. His good games, his stats are all from teams like the dolphins, giants and skins. He played like crap against the packers and the jets. His reads were horrible against the packers. I have always tried to give you a benefit of a doubt, but this Dak take just shows that your just a hypocrite. Bc you have killed stafford for games that Dak has had. You can’t say anything about stafford this year bc you would get laughed out of the den and your smart enough to know that. But your waiting for the other shoe to drop. Your predictable. Something bad happens in a lions game, BQ does something or stafford makes a mistake your the first to post a thread about how your right and a real team, GM, qb would have succeeded etc. LOL.


It’s such a bore, he’ll point out the Lions have a terrible defense, no running backs, crappy OL and yet Stafford isn’t a top QB despite how well he plays. No QB has had to put up more points for wins during his career than Stafford. He continues to not have all the advantages Dak has. Yawn.


No one would. Well, almost no one.

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:sunglasses::-1: Lols iggy must have a adjustable scale.

I’m giving you the same level of respect you gave me, when I asked you a question:

YOU are the hypocrite… so take your emotional BS and take a lap.


Not sure how anyone besides Iggy and Skip Bayless can have Prescott in the conversation. 7 interceptions in seven games, didn’t throw a TD in multiple games, hasn’t thrown for more than 2 touchdowns in a game since September 15th, has 5 touchdowns and 6 interceptions in his last five games. I’m not at Prescott hater but c’mon.

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LOL! The Lions fan who has Stafford 3rd in the league, is wondering how Dak is top 5… as he lists Stafford 3rd.

You can’t make this up.

There’s an argument to be made that Stafford could be 3rd in the league, there is no argument to be made for Prescott being above Stafford.


Not to a delusional Stafford slappy there’s no argument to be made… that’s for sure!

So you said:

Quote: So the Lions weren’t a good team under Caldwell when they had 3/4 winning seasons? We don’t judge teams on wins and losses anymore. Got it. End quote.

You are so ridiculous. You weren’t looking to have a Conversation about perspective you were looking to attack as you do. I wasn’t disrespectful to you, I saw what you were doing and didn’t take the bait. I didn’t mock you, I didn’t ridicule you, I didn’t answer you. Get over yourself.

I’ll answer your question now. No, the lions were not a good team when they were going 9-7 two years in a row. Their offensive coordinator was inept and Caldwell allows him to hold stafford back. The Detroit lions were a 5 win team that was carried to 9 wins two years in a row by stafford. You have your perspective, you have your agenda when it comes to this regime and the acquisitions of this regime. Only time will tell who is right but I’ll take my chances…and your still a hypocrite.

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Keep it up Iggy. This is all you do…

Rinse. Repeat.

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I’m not a Stafford slappy, he’s actually having a good season and when comparing to Dak it’s really not that close. I posted some of the numbers previously that points to why he isn’t above Stafford so far this year.

I’d say Stafford and Watson are close to being interchangeable right now. I wouldn’t argue against someone saying Watson should be ahead of him. I’d be fine going Wilson, Rodgers, Watson, Stafford as well. But Dak doesn’t deserve to be in the conversation to be above Stafford right now in my opinion.

Go ahead and explain why Dak is having a better season above Stafford so far.


Wins are a team stat in my opinion.


I actually should put Mahomes above some of these guys even though he’s been missing time.

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Sanchez>Stafford is all I’ll ever need to discredit iggy. He dug his heels in on that one for years and got made a fool out of so history does have a habit of repeating itself. And in before playoff wins and any other brilliant points you’ll try to rationalize your troll. 2/10 troll for making me respond it’ll be the last time trust me.


Welcome to the Den.
I assume you’re not really new? Did you go by another screen name?

Dak Presscott leads the NFL in bad passes at one bad pass per ten throws …He is not a top 10 QB.

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