Which Rookies have you been most impressed with?

I see a lot of people ripping our rooks. Honestly, I’m not sure how Brown has done. I know Jeudy had at least one solid game, and looks to have a massive ceiling. Herbert looked great vs the Chiefs.

What are you guys seeing, after 2 weeks of action?

Which rooks have done the best. Which opinions of yours have changed, if any?

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All the rookies who I have seen:

Burrow- Future superstar. Mega talent and great football mind. Needs a head coach and can work on his arm strength. He has looked pretty much how I expected- very good.

Herbert- Has all of the NFL tools. Big, huge arm, athletic. He played well, some big rookie mistakes but looks the part. Similar to Josh Allen, although I am not sure he is as tough and gritty as Allen. We will see… but the tools are there no question.

Becton- I have watched cut ups of him and he looks like a generational, HOF talent. He is massive and moves so well. Brian Baldinger and many others have been in awe of this guy. Looks to be a steal for the Jets and would go top 3 in redraft.

Ruggs- eye popping speed, and has ran by guys with ease. He really is that much faster than everyone else. Carr has missed him many times, but Ruggs is a special talent.

Lamb- Massive steal for the Cowboys at 17. Has looked very polished and has produced. Impressive player. Looks like a 5th year pro.

Damon Arnette- Okudahs partner at Ohio State. He looked OK. Flashed a bit but looked like a rookie. Jury is out , but he at least flashed.

CEH, Taylor and Dobbins have all looked better than Swift. All 3 are going to be better than Swift. Taylor and CEH are both going to have massive seasons and cement themselves as top 7-10 backs THIS YEAR.

Bryan Edwards WR Raiders has looked great for a 3rd rounder. He will be a productive player for awhile. Joshua Kelley of LA Chargers is a tough runner and will get a lot of run this year. Great 5th round value for LA. Chase Claypool WR 2nd round has made an impact for Pittsburgh… Pittsburgh always finds value in the 2nd round for WRs. Shenault for the Jags looks to be a nice piece and has made an Impact.


James Robinson has been impressive, especially for a UDFA


I think Jonah Jackson has played well for us


Agreed …to me Lamb has been the most impressive …Lamb was my favorite WR in this Draft the kid is polished and fitting in so nicely . Hell of pairing with Cooper .

Becton is a beast .

Ruggs speed is silly . Every drop of it is game speed as well . Not a fan of how he is being utilized and more specifically the routes they have him running …
He should be running crossers and quick slants all game . No one is staying with him .

The RB’s CEH has been a mixed bag , Dobbins used sparingly and Swift who to me looks like he is not 100% is getting his run and targets when teams most expect it …I want to see what Swift can do as the primary guy when in much less predictable situations and when he is seeing steady carries series after series .

The QB’s I will hold off on it’s real early .

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Robinson was a guy I really liked to it’s great to see him tearing it up. L’Jarius Sneed is doing well in KC. Our own Jonah Jackson is one of the highest graded rookie OL, while Damien Lewis has been great as a run blocker in Seattle. CeeDee Burner had been great, no surprise, same with Chase Young. Regrettably, Jaylon Johnson has been very good for the Bears. Antoine Winfield, who I’m starting to wish we’d taken with our 2nd rounder, has been an impact player too.


Chase Young has 2.5 sacks. Lions luck…

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Agreed. Taylor has 35 attempts, with a yeoman like 3.5 ypc. I like him but very silly for Iggy’s assessment saying he’s better than Swift, when he only has 8 attempts because we have AP and KeJo. Receiving wise, Taylor and Swift are virtually identical. I was a big Taylor fan and CEH btw. Had them and Swift ahead of Dobbins and the draft played out accordingly. We’ll see but it’s really freaking early to be crowing rookies or calling them busts. Especially since the practice time and pre-season were totally slashed this year. Ruggs was Iggy’s boy and has a whopping 4 catches, no TD’s but oh it’s because of Carr… of course, and he’s out with a knee and hamstring. But HOF bound because he’s easily running by guys…

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Jedrick Wills has played very well.
Kinlaw looks good too.
Van Jefferson was a good pick

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Lamb and Kinlaw were my man-crushes, both doing well so far. The Cowboys are probably the luckiest team in this draft to have CeeDee fall to them.

PFF has their best graded rookies for week 1:
Chase Young
CJ Henderson
Antoine Winfield Jr.
Mekhi Becton
Jordan Elliott
Jaylon Johnson (another player I really liked)
Clyde Edwards Helaire
Solomon Kindley
James Robinson (a late Fantasy pickup for me that got me somewhere around 20 points)

I’m surprised no love for Jonah Jackson, who a lot of you guys liked better than I.

Not sure where all this love for Ruggs is from, I mean 2 catches, 30 yards, 0 TD’s a game average.
What’s that, on pace for 32 catches,480 yards, 0 TD’s.
I mean, he’s a rookie with only 2 games under his belt but it’s not like he’s tearing-it-up.
57.2 PPF grade

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I was a fan of Kinlaw, and box score isn’t everything (haven’t watched him) but 1 solo tackle and 2 assists doesn’t scream production. I would take him over what we have erry day though and I’m sure he’ll have a good career.

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I must have done 20 of those mock drafts on that site where you could trade down, every time I tried to get Kinlaw and Lamb.

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Jonah Jackson has be great IMO

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We’ve by one pick in successive drafts missed on two of the best five young pass rushers in the league.


Thanks for such a detailed response, brother. Appreciate the time and effort.

Well, we did get Cephus and Penisini? That help you out any?

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Yep, it’s like getting the same thing…and still getting Okudah.

Quinn out-smarted me again!