Which team looked least prepared to the draft?

Every year in the first round raiders pick players no where in the range . Why they do that ? They can trade down and get multiple picks know . In a sense nobody will want the players raiders want , still why they risk

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It doesn’t make sense. Only thing I can think of is Mayock wants to be the smartest guy in the room so bad. Because you are right, just trade back 10ish spots and your pick goes from head scratcher to, “alright, solid move. Still got your guy, and picked up some capital.”


That’s the exact thing in my mind too to make a name for himself and not following the basics of draft

That is a fantastic question. And one I was thinking about when I was wondering which teams could be worse than the Lions this year. The Raiders are definitely one.

But they got the splash and razzle dazzle of Gruden and Mayock so who knows

Do you mean who made the biggest reach in the draft?..probably the WTF skins drafting Jamin Davis in the first round with the 19th pick…Wow.

WFT is hoping this this jam is gonna last

Agree completely.