Which teams have really won in FA?

It’s clear most in here think we have failed, and at the very best underwhelmed thus far…


  • lost JC Jackson, Shaq Mason, Winovich
  • added Ty Montgomery, T Mitchell, Mack Wilson


  • lost A Cooper, Ced Wilson, R Gregory, C Williams, L Collins…
  • added ???


  • Lost D Adams, ZaDarius Smith, Billy Turner
  • added???


  • lost Russ Wilson, B Wagner,
  • added U Nwosu


  • lost K Mack, A Hicks, E Goldman, A Robinson, D Traverhan, T Cohen
  • added B Oringle?


  • lost T Armstead, M Williams, T Smith, K Alexander,
  • added M Maye

They have literally spent over 270MM!!!

  • added Kirk, Scherff, Oluokun, Fatukasi, D Williams, Ced Wilson…. Other than Scherff they signed a bunch of above average players, no difference makers???

Rams- many here will be worked up by this one. They won it all. Stafford earned it, balled out. What he and Kupp did was legendary!!! Woods on the block publicly means gone… OBJ is 1 month off an ACL at 30- he’s done-

  • losses- Whitworth, Corbett, VON MILLER, Sebastian Day-Joseph, Darious Williams, Okoronkwo, …. Likely R Woods-

  • adds A Robinson-


Depending on how you look at it—-

Chargers- kept theirs, added Mack and Jc Jackson. Home run- and Sebastian day Joseph


The Raiders and Broncos both went all in at the same time as the Chargers….

The Chiefs are still very much there…. The Chargers have a young talented QB, weapons, and now 3 new key defensive pieces…. It’s hard to see this division not killing each other off, and at least 2 teams wasting an all in window-

Raiders adds are great, but expensive and long in the tooth-

Broncos cupboard isn’t as full as it looked a few months ago, and I don’t know that Russ’s body has more than 2-3 more in it?


Chargers are going to end up being the best team in an absolutely stacked AGC WEST. Great offseason so far, and shooting for the mountain top with the moves on a young QB’s salary. They will be fun to watch.


@Lyonfan1 - I really appreciate you pointing this out.

A lot of us were pretty excited about this FA period. I thought we might add 2-3 starting level players after re-signing our guys (I guess I assumed we would resign Walker and Harris, I was a bit surprised about Anzalone). So far, we re-signed our guys (minus JRM, I suppose), and added Chark.

Overall, just kind of meh. I think Chark will be a good addition, and it’s really hard to hate with the contract he signed.

It’s reassuring to see that for many teams, FA was ‘meh,’ and for SEVERAL of them, it was actually bad. Like, several NFC teams are notably worse (Cowboys, Seahawks, Bears, Packers, Saints).

And the list of teams that are notably ‘better’ is slim, based on your list. Maybe the Jags, I suppose? Probably? Bills, Chargers, Raiders, Broncos? All AFC teams.

It makes me feel better, and have hope that we could climb up the NFC pecking order this year with the draft (and hopefully a few more good FAs as time goes on). Thank you!



Free agency is merely the reshuffling of the 52 card deck…

For every team that gets better, it’s almost imperstive that a team gets worse. Based on cap management, contract lengths, and guaranteed money, along with money still in hand- I give Holmes a B+… pure talent change… see below

Lions- C … net even adding Chark, losing Flowers and JRM. Big fast WR a huge need, aging injured edge and depth LB/ST ….

Vikes- D… lost E Griffin, A Barr, and S Richardson and added Hicks and H Phillips.

Packers- D… lost D Adams, Z Smith and B Tuner, gained a few picks…

Bears- D-… first stage in overdue rebuild. Net loss of A Rob, Goldman, Mack, Cohen, etc.

Rams- D… gained A Rob, but lost Woods, Michel, Day- Joseph, V Miller, Whitworth, Corbett

Cards- E … lost J Phillips, AJ Green, C Kirk, J Hicks, C Jones, Edmonds

Seahawks… B- - gained picks, Nwosu, Locke, Harris, Fant, but lost Wagner, Russ Wilson, DJ Reed….

49ers- D - lost Tomlinson, DJ Jones, Mostert, Tart, and added ??

Seriously look at NFC North and West- nobody added more talent than they lost

Saints- D- … saints lost T Armstead, M Williams, T Smith, K Alexander, J Winston, T Montgomery, and added M Maye

Falcons- D± they lost Oluokun and Gage, added D Williams?

Panthers- C- lost H Reddick and Added A Corbett and M Ionnidis

Bucs- B+. Gage and S Mason gained, and Whitehead and Capp lost… not a new gain really here, but just getting all those guys back and replacing AB was impressive.

Cowboys-D- lost Collins, Gregory, A Cooper, C Wilson, others.

Giants- D. lost E Engram, L Ryan, L Carter, Hernandez etc

Redskins - C- - lost Scherff, L Collins, Ionnadis, and gained Wentz… lost picks

Eagles- B- added H Reddick

So in the NFC- Lions got closer to everyone but maybe Bucs? Like Seahawks choosing to start rebuild before too late….

We have more money and picks next 2 years the. Anyone else.

Let AFC kill each other.

Bro, really appreciate you putting this together, even if we disagree on the Pack :grin:

Keeping Aaron really made it a successful FA for them imo. Losing him is what would have made it a terrible FA period for them.

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I agree completely on that. But they lost ground. He’s too flaky to do this more then 2 more years in my opinion. With some OL loss, RB age, WR depletion, and while Z Smith didn’t play much, it paved the way for Gary… now what if P Smith or Gary get hurt?

Better with AR? Of course. Better than March 19th 2021 - nope.

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I have difficulty arguing this point. You’re right.

That’s the crazy thing about this free agency…

Teams have gone so far over the top “trend chasing” they are self destructing.

Tom Brady went to TB… won a ring….

Rams traded for Stafford, won a ring…

Denver and Cleveland went beyond all in on QBs… not sure their rosters are quite as ready…

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It wasn’t long ago that Peyton went to Denver and won a ring. He actually played in 2 Superbowls for Denver. The year he put up the 55 TDs, they lost.

So yeah, you’d be crazy to not go after a QB. It’s worked multiple times: Manning, Brady, Stafford. I mean that is enormous success in recent times.


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