Who am I hanging with?!

I saw that good call. That’s where I got Parker from.


@DeadDog anyone get it right

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Billy Gibbons?

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Just talked him into becoming a member….



Hard to prove otherwise

Is it a guy famous for being a biker?

After today yes!


Maybe Kupp?

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Hd Reaction GIF by MOODMAN


YARN | I'm Rick James, bitch. | Chappelle's Show (2003) - S02E04 Music | Video gifs by quotes | 2109fdd1 | 紗

ok… maybe not Rick James.

He’s already a member now …. He’s lurking here by way of my request…

Oh great. There goes the Den couch. LOL.

Rick James On Couch GIFs | Tenor

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Now that’s looks like Rick James in a. Bad way!!

Who the fudge is it?

Doesn’t someone have access to some cool facial recognition software they can run the photo through? It works in the movies.

International Cat Day Halloween GIF by Storyful

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the brave and the bold batman GIF by Maudit

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698 on the leaderboard….


We are getting closer though :sunglasses: