Who are some Assistants that Dan Campbell might bring over?

We’ve all read that Dan Campbell is more of a culture guy and not an X’s and O’s guy. This makes it imperative for him to bring in a good staff. Who are some rumors you guys are hearing about?

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I hope Doug Holmes gives Campbell, Wade Phillips number.

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Joe Lombardi

Anthony Lynn OC
Aaron Glenn DC
Or Wade Phillips DC


Does anyone have any actual idea of guys campbell is tied to that may become coordinators? The only people I can see are…

Anthony lynn - played with cowboys while lynn was an assistant.

Wade phillips? - ties to holmes / rams

Joe vitt - again, ties in miami and no. DC?

Kacy rodgers - dc under bowles in ny. Ties in mia / No.

Marinelli, joe barry… played for in detroit. Please God no.

I really hope campbell doesn’t just pull a staff of guys he’s worked with recently like rodgers and roucher. I’m hoping he leads without ego and is confident enough to hire good coaches that he might not necessarily have worked with.

I think @Zeeze has it correct with Aaron Glenn. He has made the rounds interviewing for different Head Coach openings. They both have played for Parcells. They both are Aggies, though Glenn graduated before Campbell got there. Still, the Lions would be a good stepping stone for Glenn if he really does aspire to become a Head Coach. (And, of course, they both hired in at New Orleans 5 years ago.)

Not sure on the OC part.


If we hire a first time gm, a first time head coach with no play calling experience and then 2 coordinators without experience… there is not a chance in hell it leads to success. We better see campbell bring in a wade phillips or Anthony lynn type…

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Joe Brady came from the Saints and basically runs their system. Give me another one of those please.

Brady was an offensive assistant in NO. There are 2 of those guys and they look kind of young. Hire one of those guys in some capacity.

I am confident Bill Lazor will not be part of his staff.

Lombardi for OC
And Rod Marinelli for DC.

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Bevall = OC
Swartz = DC

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I would be ok with that

With the report of Art Smith getting Dean Pees to come out of retirement and become his DC in Atlanta, I can’t help but wonder if Danimal will be doing something similar with Al Saunders at OC or senior assistant or something.

Just wanted to give our guy zeeze props on nailing this a week ago.


Thanks man. It’s nice that I can get things right every now and then… :slight_smile:


You win the pool! :laughing: