Who are your can’t miss prospects in round 1 and round 2

Now that we have the biggest bust factor thread. Who is your guy that you want in a Lions uniform. The guy you think is a cant miss prospect for the Lions first pick in round one and first pick in round two? To make it interesting make an offensive and defensive pick.

I’m talking guys that you think the Lions coukd draft. Let’s assume the obvious pick of Chase Young is off the board.

Round one is the toughest for me because I’m not really all that Into drafting Okudah at 3OA. But I’d have to say I think he’s the guy that we draft at 3OA. So he’s my selection for defense. On offense the guy I like CeeDee Lamb. I like Jeudy to but I think Lamb is going to be a real superstar.

Round two is a little easier for me. On defense I like DT Neville Gallimore, and Zach Baun. I really like Chaisson but I think he goes top 20. However I think that LBer isn’t the need it was two weeks ago and that could take Baun off our board. If it does than I’m hoping Gallimore gets a Lions uniform.

On offense there’s a few players I really want. More than the guys I want us to get on Defense. So I guess I’m hoping we go offense round two. I love Justin Jefferson but I don’t see him falling to us. (One of these WR’s have to fall). There should be good value to go WR round two. However the guy I want the most is RB Jonathan Taylor.

Here’s the bust thread for those interested.

Jeudy, Young, Gross-Matos, Dobbins, Swift.

Most I view as more risk than most. Looking at past drafts (for any team), most players are not what they were projected to be (Except Tribursky) LOL

I think Young, Okudah and Simmons are can’t miss and our defense needs them all badly. So can’t miss, round one defense.

Round one offense, Thomas, Wills, Becton, Wirfs are can’t miss along with Cee Dee Lamb, Henri Ruggs and Jerry Jeudy.
Round two is slightly more speculative, I am a Delpit fan but I feel there are corners available like Gladney or Fulton who will fill a need, If Kenneth Murray is available I send an underling with the pick because I don’t want to have a stroke getting the pick to the stage. Zach Baun. Yetur Gross-Matos.

Offensively, round two will bag some immediate contributor like Taylor or Dobbins. There are others playing at WR and OL. My personal favorite might be Ezra Cleveland. The Hamlin kid.

Bonus, Third round second pick AJ Dillon.

Well how about going out of the box? Problem is you took my number 1 out.

My 2nd Rd is the out of the box thinking. KC is about to invest YUGE in Mahomes, they can’t afford Jones. In a perfect world we trade our 2nd for Jones and pair him with the guy I can’t have in Rd 1, lol

So in that case I trade down with Miami for 5, 26, and a 2nd, draft Okudah at 5, and Epenessa at 26.

On offense, Wirfs at 3, Taylor/ Dobbins in the 2nd.

Burrow, Okudah, Jeudy, Andrew Thomas, Wirfs, CeeDee, Ruiz, Baun (who I think goes in the 1st), J. Taylor, Fulton.

There’s usually around 10 guys in the first round who live up to/exceed expectations, so that’s how many I’m going with.

I think Ruggs is going to at least be Joey Galloway good. Don’t know where that puts him.

Do you have Wirfs at G or RT or LT? The scouting consensus seems to be that he’s a near certain All Pro if he kicks inside to guard. Despite the freakish athleticism there seems to be some concern about his projection to LT.

I think Wills is going to be very good. Kinlaw as well.

I think Wirfs is a tackle through and through, especially if he goes to a zone team. Right or left side I think he’ll be great. I never understood that guard stuff. I mean, I suppose he would be great in there, but so would a lot of tackles if you moved them inside. They’re just good o-linemen.

I like Ruggs and Wills, I’m just not as confident about their future successes. I see paths each could take to busthood, basically. Ruggs just never displayed those alpha, give-me-the-ball traits I like in my receivers. I still can’t fathom why he was targeted so infrequently at Alabama. I know there was a lot of talent around him, but still, he’s a better talent than Davonte Smith, he should have got the ball more, why didn’t he? With Wills, I’ve seen him be a tick slow with his processing a few too many times for my liking. Don’t get me wrong, I still expect both guys to be good pros, but their risk factor is high enough to keep them out of my top ten.

Kinlaw makes me a little more nervous. He’s a great athlete but he’s far rawer, I think, than the consensus would have us believe. He gets by with that athleticism but he’s all over the place with his technique, he’s often out-of-control with no plan like he’s some sort of rushing wildman which makes him inefficient, especially against savvy (or professional) linemen. And for all of that athleticism, I’ve watched way too many plays where he’s the last one to move at the snap. Hopefully real coaching will bring the best out of him and I love his ceiling, it’s just he makes me a little more nervous.

The reason I’m sold on Kinlaw is desire. Being homeless, reinventing his body, etc. To me there are signs that he is going to due everything in his power to be great and that holds a ton of value for me.


Yup and that’s valid. Certainly contributes to his ceiling. Just worried about some of the stuff I see on tape is all.

My only issue with Kinlaw is that he doesn’t finish well. I think that will improve as his pass rush moves improve. I actually think he will be a better pro than Brown.

I think Brown’s floor is pretty high. But if he just ends up being a plus nose tackle he’s likely getting over drafted in many mocks.