Who are your Superbowl picks?

I want to see who your guys Superbowl picks are now?

One NFC team and one AFC team.

The LA Rams will play the LA Rams. The score will end up tied at 98- 98 after 4 OTs and Stafford will win two MVPs. That will show these naysayers.


Bucs vs Bills.

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Packers and Bills

Titans vs Bucs

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Rams win


Rams/Chiefs. I should be giving more credibility to Bills and Browns, but I can’t yet.


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As of week 3, I have to say Rams/Bills. There’s a long way to go and I expect things to change quite a bit over the next 15 weeks. Injuries could turn our picks upside down.

My backup is Packers/Browns.

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Packers / Bills.

I’ve got one of Tampa or Rams beating Bills (Tampa, if I had to choose, but it’s really close)
If Holmgren can’t coach, KC will definitely take a step back.

Rams and Chargers all Cali Super Bowl!!


Rams - Browns

GB . . . LV

randy marsh moving GIF by South Park

Live feed of DeadStroke making his AFC prediction. :laughing:


So the shit bowl?

In all seriousness though LV does look like a dark horse for the SB after 3 weeks. All 3 of their wins are quality IMO.

Interesting question 3 weeks into the season.

I’ll go Brady vs Allen. Bucs vs Bills.

Bills win the super bowl and the Buffalo fans riot in the streets, as Lions fans we will dream of being like the Bills, and in 2027 the Lions join the Bills, winning the super bowl, take that to vegas.

I really like this prediction, but the Titans need to improve that defense.