Who are your top OC candidates?

Lynn needs to get the hell out of Detroit ASAP.

I volunteer myself…

I also say we find another Joe Brady somewhere.

Seriously though, I don’t know right now. There aren’t a whole lot of great retread options that spread it out like we need to that I can come up with off the top of my head.

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Better question. Who do you think wants the job as the Lions OC? I’m going to go out on a limb and say, they don’t get much interest in the job.


Maybe David Blough?

It worked out for Kellen Moore so I figured let’s give it a shot.

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Let Sheila call them

Looking at Sheila’s track record so far, I’d rather have Kelly call them.

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Ford stock is doing well. How bout Bill Jr. calling the plays? We could then outsource the play calling to Mexico to save some money.


Beat me to this topic. Because I’d expect Lynn to take a college job at this point. Writing is on the wall for him.

Sleeper candidate; Doug Pederson

Pederson was unceremoniously jettisoned by Philly. But he guided the franchise to its first Lombardi Trophy in 2018 and reached the playoffs three of his five seasons there. Pederson has a strong reputation as a quarterback guru and play caller. He helped a flawed Carson Wentz play at or near an MVP level, then won the Super Bowl with his backup against Tom Brady. A couple good years here along with the development of our next QB, and he’d be an attractive option for another HQ gig which I see as the reason Detroit might be attractive.

Isn’t Duce Staley next in line?

If you bring in Doug Pederson to call plays ahead of Duce…ho-lee-cow that’s gonna be awkward. LOL

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I’m looking for a offense of mind college coach.

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I think it’s relevant to bring this thread back since La Canfora basically said Lynn is getting fired after this season.

I wonder if Sark is any kind of an option?

I haven’t noticed any college OCs working talent like Joe Burrow, Justin Jefferson, Ja’Marr Chase, Terrace Marshall, and Clyde Edwards-Helaire this year… so it might be tough to find another Joe Brady right away.

How about some college guys?

Similar to how McVay grabbed Staley for his DC spot

Whoever it is has to have a plan to build around what a rookie QB does well.

I have a feeling the Lions will take Matt Carrol at number 1.

Darrel Dickey from Texas AandM?
Scott Satterfield from UL?
Jeff Brohm from Purdue?
Kevin Wilson OSU?

Just some names

We don’t deserve an OC


Kevin Wilson wouldn’t be something I support. It’s Ryan Day’s scheme and playcalling. Wilson is basically another voice in the room that helps with everything.

Fair point. But I think the same things were said of Ryan day at one point? Am I wrong?

Also…I’m trying to be relatively here…

Not many college HC or even Top college OC will leave for a pro job.

You gotta find smart diamonds in the rough.

Who are the OCs out there that run the type of offense that Campbell wants to run. Clearly Campbell wants a guy that matches his philosophy and he’s not afraid to take your playbook away if you don’t.

What if we draft an RPO type qb like corral?

Drew brees

OK, here’s my NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS choice, who would never come here. Peyton Manning. Guy already was basically calling plays for eighteen years.

For some serious college names that are realistic, Mark Whipple, offensive coordinator, University of Pittsburgh, if you’re looking for a productive, but experienced coordinator with NFL experience. Tyson Helton, on the other hand, is an innovative offensive mind with a record of getting the most out of the people he coaches.

Rob Chudzinski and Scott Linehan are both experienced offensive coordinators with multiple successful seasons under their belt if you want to go the retread route, and both are available.

If Campbell wants to poach someone he’s familiar with, Ronald Curry of the Saints would be one logical choice, or Duce Staley if he wants to keep it in house.


This team is very offensive. So it only makes sense to have someone coordinate it. The title is Offensive…Coordinator.