Who can we go get?

Weasel made a point yesterday and it stuck with me in an uncomfortable way—he has a tendency to do that.

But between the injuries this team has suffered, and lingering question marks at certain positions, I wonder who we could go and nab via trade. At 1-4 or 0-5, my guess is that some teams will be sellers—especially the Broncos.

What can we do to level the playing field with the top dawgs? Because I still think we’re knocking on the door …


Patrick Surtain please


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Surtain imo, is likely two first round picks, i would love to have him, and i understand, if you want to be a contender, you need to ■■■■ those picks to truly compete.

ill be honest, i think there is a player who is good, that we could get on the cheap end

Jaylon Johnson, even with the Bears and all their cap, they are likely in the rebuild for another couple years here, and they need all they can get, and we know Brad aint afraid to trade within the divison tbh.

hes a good young corner, who needs a shiny new contract, and even then, he would be good as a rental this year

That was the point of this thread I started. (See link below) I wanted to point out our weakest links and discuss how to solve them.

Our weakest link is our secondary right now. If Mosley is out for the year then we need a CB. Our CB play could cost us against the better teams. It changes how you approach teams like Seattle. Everyone knew the way to beat Seattle was to blitz Smith but we didn’t even try…. Why?…. I think AG was too worried that if he did that Smith would burn him deep.

We need another CB to have a shot against teams like Sea, Rams, Philly and SF.

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For WR someone who wont cost a lot a lions fan favorite Adam Thielen
For CB Ahkello Witherspoon from the
DT jerry Tillery lvr

Wont break the bank moves

Weak Links:

DT (Buggs Spot, this could get pricey, why you draft Jalen Carter)
DE (Charles Harris Spot, this could be Crosby)
RB (Gibbs spot, sorry but his overall game is weak)
WR (Don’t have a true X receiver, need 1 of those Antonio Brown’s that is cheap because of baggage)
I think it would be hard to upgrade corner without paying a bunch. Our guys are good enough.

Jerry Jeudy would be solid, i think hes done being on the broncos lol or maybe Darnell Mooney as a Deep threat, and we have talked about DPJ before as a target, feel like there is an abundance of WR’s to trade for

A much harder find as you said. D.J Jones maybe as depth? hard to get a quality DT, but Paschal is coming back so, should lessen the need

Agreed with this, though Harris hasnt been playing terrible the past 3 weeks

Nah, we need more depth, but not someone to replace GIbbs (Its 5 games into his NFL career, he can be afforded some time lol), but with Bam knight injured for a bit, we do need some depth

Dont expect this to be all covered, but i feel like Brad should pull a trigger on a midseason acquisiton, be it Depth or a quality starter

Good players thst wanna join us, A lot of good players would/woudnt.

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He’s not a Dan Campbell guy. :poop: comes to mind

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Feel like I’m beating a dead horse, but I’m still waiting for Suh to come home. He fit in nicely as interior DL depth. On a snap count he could be a presence. Wouldn’t have to part with anything substantial.

It’s DT and CB depth for me. A plus starter at either position would be expensive, but I trust Brad to do his thing.


I can’t be the only one who thought Craig Reynolds looked like an improvement. The answer might already be on the team.


Not worried about Gibbs. He would have done nicely vs. a gassed defense as well. But it was nice to see Craig crush it. He looked kinda crappy in preseason.

Gibbs? 39 attempts, 4.6 avg. 14 catches in four games while Monty is totally going off. Once the game slows down for him he’ll start making highlights.


Sign Suh,

Trade for Donald, Davante Adam’s, Crosby, and Surtain

Cap space isn’t real !!!


Surtain is not going to be traded.

The biggest concern I have is the Safety position.

  • Branch injured
  • CJGJ injured
  • Joseph injured
  • T. Walker returning from major injury (achilles)

Melifonwu is serviceable, but this could be a major weak spot going forward this season.

With that said…

Justin Simmons? 2 years left on his deal, would cost the Lions $14+ million a season (2023, 2024)

I think a 4th rounder would get Simmons. Lions don’t have a 4th (two 3rd rounders), so maybe we let one of those go.

Cornerback is another potential problem, who are some potential CB’s the Lions could add through a trade? (Surtain ain’t happening!!)

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Cornerback is the only position of need IMO, it’s Sutton and Jacobs and then not much else. We need someone for this year and future years. I wouldn’t be keen on trading major beans but maybe there’s a Slay to Philly like steal to be found somewhere.

Every other position I trust the depth.


Truer words were never spoken

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He played every snap yesterday.


If your strength is drafting. And Brad Holmes has proven it is: I don’t think it makes sense to trade picks for more expensive players. The Lions are building a sustainable model through drafting and good FA acquisitions from outside of the organization. So, I believe that Surtain II is out of the question.

They’ll likely use their FA dollars on guys that are proven in OUR system. (ARSB, Sewell, Jackson, etc.) And that’s provided they have a good, mostly clean, injury history. But, if Chris Jones makes it, or maybe even Leonard Williams makes it without getting franchised: I can see Holmes pulling the trigger.


Sorry? Why are you sorry? If that’s your take, that’s your take. It certainly doesn’t seem to be shared by the scouting community but opinions will differ.