Who does the Lightbulb turn on for?

Every season a unexpected player makes a big leap in production.

Whether through putting in the work, finally getting acclimated to the scheme or simply just the lightbulb turns on.

We’re not talking rookies, or guys like Ra. Think players in years 2-5, like Iffy, or Barnes who’ve yet to make an impact.

Which Lion do you think it will be this year.

For me its Julian Okwara. I’m hoping for a full time move to edge for JO, I think he has potential to breakout.


The camp pictures say it’s Alim McNeill.


I kinda think Alim has already arrived. With that being said he most certainly can be even better and I’m expecting it.


Barnes!! 147 tackles, 5 sacks, 3 int’s, 2 TD’s and 4 forced fumbles playing Madden on his playstation.


That would be awesome! He is in a contract year. I kinda think he’s in a fight to even make the team. We are just so loaded with edge guys. Who is he beating out for playing time? Hutch, Houston, Paschal, Cominsky, Romeo, Charles Harris? Julian is pretty far down that depth chart IMO.

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What’s the line on Jamo @ wk 7?

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if JO can climb up to DE3-4 on the depth chart due solely to what he puts on tape rather than other players declining, I’d say thats a successful season for him.

Julian did show some potential, especially in 2021, he had 5 sacks and 9 QB hits. He’s another one of these guys that has missed a ton of games due to injury in his career.


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Would love for JO to take a leap. I’m personally hoping Iffy does, if he could be another piece in the secondary it would look really good. That being said he’s gonna have an uphill battle because there’s a lot in front of him now.


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The most obvious are Pascal and Rodrigo.

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Pascal started injured and was slow to get back in. Him I get, but Rodrigo ? Thought he went above and beyond what Camp Holmes thought.

Same as week 13 last year. He has a lot of hype to live up to.
So far, he seems to think that by being drafted, he’s made it.
Potential up the wazzoo, and little to show for it.
He has an uphill battle…and his battle is with himself.

I wasn’t taking anything away from Rodrigo. He’s one of my favorite Lions.
It’s just that he was a rookie. He is going to get better.
Scary thought, huh!

I think Rodrigo has shown enough. Argument could be made for Pascal.

I’m thinkin guys more like Savion Smith, Iffy, Barnes, JO, Levi, Stenberg, Eze, Mitchell, and Zylstra off the top of my head.

Guys who will be fighting just to make the roster, but force the staff to keep em on.

Chances are one of em pops, who’s it gunna be?

The waterboy!!

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is that Laporta?

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i think to make him the official 2nd coming of his father the waterboy we switch Laporta to LB, and Campbell can channel his inner MCDC and become our TE.

It just makes to much sense.