Who else thinks Meinke is 100% wrong on Goff?

I just want to go on record early that I think he is completely off on his take that the Lions still need a QB for the rebuild. Peyton Manning thinks they can win a championship with Goff if they build the team right and I do too. It will take some time for him to settle in with a whole new offense, as Peyton has pointed out, but Goff has the skills to win a championship.

Every time I read something from Meinke he is completely dismissive of Goff - doesn’t think he has any chance and that they will be doing whatever is necessary to get a high first round rookie in the 2022 draft. I think if the Lions wanted to go that route they would have done it this year, at the start of the rebuild. I also don’t believe they would have sought out the trade that gave them Goff in the package unless they really liked him and thought he was worth the contract he is on.

I would also point out that the staff has repeatedly been supportive of Goff and really pretty much everything they have said aligns with building a team around him.

I believe Goff will be given every chance to succeed here. I believe they will eventually get the right pieces around him, and I believe he will be successful in Detroit.


The biggest thing you are trying to fight is that anyone who takes Meinke’s stance will always be right about the Lions. And if they gave their opinion about WHO would be the right guy to lead us to victories…we could literally bring that guy in and still get the same results.

The end results are guaranteed with this team its only the method and journey along the way to the inevitable destination that changes.


Meinike does seem unnecessarily sour on Goff


He’s just jealous of goffs hot girlfriend


I definitely agree he just seems completely dismissive of Goff, and maybe that comes from watching Stafford for the last 8-10 years or however long he’s been on the beat. I do question the foregone conclusion Goff just doesn’t have it and he’s a stopgap.

I usually like reading his stuff, and he seems like a pretty nice guy and cool dude. I think Goff does have a few things to prove, but being in a new offense like you said, he’s had two games with the starting lineup, it’s going to depend on his body of work, not just these first two games. And not even necessarily just this year.

As far as QBs go next year, I don’t think it’s a foregone conclusion they draft one next year. From what I have been reading and sometimes seeing, this year might not be a great QB class. No idea about the following year though.

Anyway, I do get the frustration, and similar to what @wesleysh21 said, at least I’m right there in that I do get frustrated hearing people expect the Lions or certain players to fail and it’s just a matter of time. And if that’s how you feel, I’m with you in that I am always going to pull for the best for our players and want them to succeed.

I think you can win with Goff. And he has a great, albeit different arm than Stafford. Goff along with this team and coaches just need more time. Let’s see where things stand at the end of the year.


They’ll be drafting a QB high within the next 2 years.

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So the FO will be smoking weed while drafting?



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I don’t really read Meinke, so I can’t gauge just how sour he is on him. Personally, I see (by way of the roster) a 3 win-ish team with a bridge QB. I’m not going to destroy the team or be “that guy” that’s always crapping on them. I might vent a little frustration with him in-game while chatting here, but I’m holding out hope, just like the rest of you, that he’s more than a bridge.

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Bridge or franchise QB…the results are the same. Some just give a slightly more fun moment here and there along the way.

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Maybe this is how they get Calvin to forgive the Lions


Agents Of Shield Yes GIF by ABC Network



Goff probably piped his girl


Let’s be honest, we’re all jealous of Goff’s girlfriend or should I rephrase, jealous of Goff for having a girlfriend like that.

In any event, I’m definitely watching the 2022 QB class closely starting this weekend with Willis currently.

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I am forcing myself to think Peyton Manning knows a little more about QB position than Meinke I find almost everything he says even his questions at presser is a waste of time.

He is a click whore is why he keeps his job or maybe other reasons not public yet :grinning:


I’m more jealous of his bank account

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The bank account is a package deal with the Super Hot Instagram Model girlfriend. As Seinfeld once said “I’m jealous of everybody”.

Meinke was a Stafford slappy - I was a big Stafford fan (still am) but Meinke seems to be butt hurt that Stafford left. I honestly don’t think he would give any QB a chance right now. It’s called Great Objective Reporting!

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Lol we can only hope so. It’d be an improvement from the past. This is old school cop speak. Check your research. Weed does not affect cognitive reasoning. Only verbal recall.

I am sorry - can you repeat that - I forgot what you said :grinning: