Who is ready to move on from Stafford and get a New QB?

I have seen many takes and opinions like this over the years and across 2020, I wonder who you intend to replace him with , beit A rookie QB…that “may” not have a preseason or an open regular practice session again in 2021, AND if Matt is gone…having no veteran QB to help groom them.

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Uh, no. I’d rather take the slow approach. I’m not against drafting a QB, but you look at the success of Aaron Rogers, Patrick Mahomes, and others who weren’t thrown to the wolves in their first year. I think there’s something to be said for having a rookie QB in the offensive coordinators hip pocket, learning the nuances, really feeling the speed, getting their mistakes out in practice.

Another salient point I would make is that cap hit becomes a whole lot more palatable when you shave another year off. While the depreciation between trading a 33 year old, from a 32 year old, is fairly negligible.


I’ve always been a Stafford “guy” and still believe he’s a good QB.

With that said, if Lawrence, Fields, or Wilson are available, I’m in favor of drafting one of them.

Barring a miracle, Wilson is the only one of the three who perhaps could be there.

Outside of this scenario, maybe we could find one in the mid rounds.

Stafford could still well have upwards of 5 more quality seasons left.


nope!!! Keep the bastard!! "-)

I’m of a similar mindset as TC. I think they need to draft a QB if one of the top QBs are available. But I think they should keep Stafford and allow the young QB some time to develop.

I will say, if a Jery Jones/Roy Williams style offer comes our way…well then

Best Wishes to him with his new team


IMO no way you get rid of Stafford, unless he threatens to sit out, or does sit out. He is still under contract.

By all means draft another QB, heck, if you don’t get one of the top ones this year, draft another in 22. But you don’t just let him walk and get rid of him. Then you are talking about David blough and chase Daniel mentoring your new QB.

I don’t think Stafford would hold out or demand a trade. And a new regime coming in does not mean the lions have to automatically trade him and “start fresh.” Getting rid of him, to me, seems like a very knee jerk emotional response.


Yes if an amazing offer came around for sure. But even then… Stafford would be a great QB to mentor a young guy. What about drew Bledsoe and Tom Brady?

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prefer this and even let the QB sit his first season…

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I am ready . My apology for replying late.My last hope for Stafford was lost after the game we were suppose to win nfc north, he basically was a no show and didn’t take any ownership on losing that game . That was the game for me as a fan to get home field and he screwed it for me . That opportunity is not going come again for me soon. Yeah I need a new qb , Herbert plays better than stafford this year shows me that they are same level now. Stafford can’t escape pressure ,so how are we going to win against a playoff defense ? We don’t have type of players to put bulldozer in front of Stafford . Better go to a prow bowl team

New member to the group. Good to read different opinions.
Regarding Stafford, Yes it’s time to move on.
I’ve never been a huge fan of Stafford as he has mental lapses that cost the team games. In the end, too inconsistent for one of the higher paid QBs in the league.

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Welcome Jarvis , I am espnbaby ,nice to meet you .Good to hear from some fresh minds

I’m only moving Stafford in 2020 if he wants out.

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I am, but only if the opportunity arises. Like a second, don’t think a first is attainable.

Not me. If he wants to leave I would love to see him in Pittsburgh. I didn’t say the steelers would be cutting Ben for Stafford, so don’t jump down my throat. I am just saying if he wants out and there was one location I’d like to see him in would be in Pittsburgh. At the end of the day, I am a fan and Stafford is my favorite player. So I want him in Detroit. I am aware of his shortcomings…still want him in Detroit. I am aware of younger players being sexier and perhaps even better. I still want him in Detroit. But if he wants out, I want him somewhere where he can excel and his full arsenal of skill are put on display and he wins something meaningful.

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Even if he wants out, it would be foolish of a new regime to get rid of him without a decent replacement, and on top of that he’s still under contract.


His cap# can be managed, so it’s really about draft capital and whether next year is a reset/tank.

We will be playing a few guys next year that are bad players/fits or just can’t be moved financially ( Flowers, Collins, Coleman, Big V) that look to not be part of a longer term rebuild away from the Moronic Multiple Man Slow Non Pressure Rocket Genius defense.

We have our Top Four WR all hitting FA the same year.

The only two guys to show any heartbeat in the pass rush, Rokwara and Griffen, are FA.

We have only 5 draft picks next year.

A chunk of our young core on defense didn’t play very well this year.

None of this sounds like it’s a reload and go for it plan next year…so capitalizing on Matt’s value in a year that he has stayed generally healthy but produced not as awesome results as the elite 2019 8 game stretch may be the right call. I like Matty as a QB, but I like a winning blueprint better, and holding him next year seems not to be the optimal move long term.


That is assuming they can get decent return for him if they decide to trade him.

Lots of ins and outs

well put.

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100% ready.

I think it was Sparky Anderson who said no matter how successful you are in a place, eventually you need to move on to somewhere else. That a counter-productive staleness can set in that makes it beneficial for both sides to make the change.

As I’ve said countless times, the debate over how much culpability Stafford has in the lack of success over the past 12 seasons is largely beside the point.

He is a human being, and the way things have gone here can’t help but color his outlook. How on earth could he be immune from thoughts of “here we go again” when things start imploding, again?

If I’m part of a new regime, I don’t want that mindset to be even slightly creeping into the mind of the most important player on the field.

I don’t particularly care if people don’t want to accept it; this will be a three-year rebuild, at best. We’ll suck next year; if things go well we’ll be around .500 the year after that; if things go well, we’ll be division and playoff contenders the year after that.

A new regime sticking with a 12-year QB who has gone through multiple GMs, coaches, o-coordinators with no success, who’s highly paid to run the offense on last-place teams these days, who would be 36 and have absorbed more punishment than any other QB in the NFL by the time you’re hoping to be ready to contend again … it would just be highly unusual to go that route.

A rookie and a journeyman and spend the other $20 million or so on the rebuild. Spend the draft capital Stafford would fetch on the rebuild.

This is where a legion of you are duty-bound to list all of the reasons why the lack of success here the past 12 years isn’t Stafford’s fault. Read it slowly: IT. DOESN’T. MATTER. IT’S NOT THE POINT.

Staleness is the point. Sameness is the point. A need for different energy and just difference generally as part of a wholesale rebooting of this shit franchise is the point. Stafford can be a key part of helping that reboot happen, with his trade value. That makes more sense than thinking he’ll still be healthy in three years, and that he’s got some dramatic turnaround from what he’s shown here for a LONG time that’s right on the verge of coming out with the new regime.


Would he, though?

We have no way of knowing how Stafford would react to that situation.

I certainly know his wife will be furious and indignant. You think none of that colors Stafford?

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