Who is the best comp. for Stafford?

Who is the best comp. for Stafford? What other QB does Stafford best compare to, is what I’m asking.



You could call him an older, less athletic Josh Allen that doesn’t totally die under pressure. If have to think of a better one that doesn’t involve the word “Mahomes” (for clarification, what differs between Mahomes and Stafford is Mahomes’ extreme athleticism advantage and improvisation. The only thing that makes these 2 comparable is arm talent.)


I have never seen a clean comp for Stafford. The closest I’ve ever come is Derek Carr with alot more arm talent.


Jay Cutler In his prime but with the toughness and leadership skills that Cutler lacked.

By dying, you mean the QB who won a division title and 2 playoff games this season?

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I mean on the field, like under blitzes and such, if that didn’t come across.

Ahh, thanks gotcha now. I was gonna say, but yeah with age Josh will get better there.

Thanks for following up bud!

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Stylistically or level of player? I’d say Favre is a pretty good style comparison, Cousins a good career comp.

There really isn’t a good comparison for trade. Probably Palmer, maybe Cutler despite the age difference. You just don’t get such a talented QB available in trade. Favre was a fire sale because he retired and changed his mind. GB was either going to have to let him back on his team, trade him or cut him and it was August. Most teams had their QB and didn’t have cap space.

Edit: My bad, thought you were looking for compensation in a trade . . . A smarter Favre.

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I can see that except Cutler didn’t have all of the off platform wizardry. Stafford is of course one of the more aesthetically interesting passers there is for that reason. Otherwise I’d agree that’s probably the best comp I can come up with.

Steve Bartkowski.



Big-armed, aggressive gunslingers that occasionally err on the side of trusting their arms too much.

Favre was a bit more athletic, but I still think this is the best comp.

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I think Favre was in a league of his own when it comes to that kind of stuff. He crossed the line from “I feel like I can make that throw” to “wouldn’t it be super awesome if I actually completed this?”

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I dunno. Tough one. Maybe Dan Fouts but more athletic. I think comparisons to Marino are interesting too. He’ll have to do more with his last couple years to be compared to Marino though. Marino is in the GOAT convo and Stafford will likely never be. The common thread is they are all gunslingers that you want playiing in gunslinger systems. Stafford never had Coryell or Shula either.

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Agreed, but I think a lot of that came from being successful in spite of his dumb INTs. The stick didn’t hurt so bad when he got the carrot anyways.

If the Lions were winning and didn’t go with a coach who made it his mission to reduce Stafford’s interceptions, I feel like Matt has the confidence in his arm to have gone further down that path. Maybe not to Favre’s extreme, but probably pretty close.

I think it’s going to be a huge positive for whomever ends up with Staff that he had that mid-career focus on being a bit more cautious. I bet that will stick with him, and his new OC will get the benefit of the big arm and confidence without the worst of the risk-taking that usually accompanies that.

Tom Brady without the rings and bowls.

I definitely agree that Caldwell changed the trajectory of Matt’s career. No doubt. Favre has come out and said he was trying to put on a show with some of his throws. He said it started in practice when he knew he’d have to make unbelievable jaw dropping plays to get enough attention to be considered for the starting job. So he made it his mission each practice to try to make a jaw dropping throw to bring attention to himself.

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Jim Hart comes the closest for me. Their deliveries are/were a little different but similar enough and while I think Stafford’s arm is probably just a little bit stronger, they both have that easy flick-it zip on their passes that allows them to complete passes into windows most QBs wouldn’t even dream of. Stafford’s a shade taller while Hart was a shade more athletic, but both in the same ballpark.

Does anything that happened when the world was still in black and white or grainy color even count?