Who is the best player in Detroit sports right now?

No. No just. Mad love to Natty but no.

Skubal is outstanding.Whole Lions team is outstanding. Its a tie for me.

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Had to go with ARSB. I shudder to think what the Lions would do without him.

I think Skubal has a chance to be that good. The guy definitely has the drive and want too, biggest question will be health. The number of pitchers going down is alarming.

Also shows that Detroit teams have some talent now, and not just the Lions.

Skubal is that (wish my phone or this board could let me emphasize words) good

Skubal is the top pitcher in baseball and he is young…

He is outstanding. He is…unreal.

Exceptional player.

Reminds me of Sherzer or Verlander…who btw…have been pitching at a very high level until what age?

We will have to get several cant-miss prospects for Skubal.

He is a worth a guaranteed win in the playoffs and World Series.

What is that worth?

If we dont trade him, probably best to save his arm…

And…really sad we did not bring JD Martinez home to Detroit on a team that cant hit…

But AJ Hinch said something similar as “we dont have room for a DH”…


Listen…Tigers scouting has not been good…wasnt even good when Mike was alive.

We won, because Mike paid.

My favorite hitter was Carlos Guillen. Guy could hit.

What a work of art…his swing, timing…so smooth …


Placido Polanco?

Build something.

Not sure Chris wants to.

Might be time for Hinch to take a hike.

St Brown he played hurt almost all year last year and still killed it.

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You almost made it one full day without making one of your bat shit crazy posts.



Love you, too.

Love talking Detroit sports…

You think AJ Hinch lasts long?

I dont. He will he canned before we are ever good. However, a good manager can at least get you to .500.

Hinch is done.

And im ready as well. We all are.

No energy, terrible personality with the media…

“Oh well. …we lost…what can you do…take my mega millions back to my house I guess?”

Be a manager…how about that?

He is done for me…

You think he is gonna be around soon?

Youll see…

Not that it matters…

Sails into the sun with mega-millions.

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Best player. Skubal.

Best athlete? Sewell.


Best looking —> Holmes

Holmes is not a player Natty… yet. :wink:

Read in Dan Miller voice…

“Well folks, the Lions are up 57 to 3 against the Carolina Panthers… and oh my god the GM is running out onto the field. Brad Holmes is playing Defensive tackle… here’s the snap, Bryce Young drops back, and look out the GM close lines him and is now tickling Bryce Young who is still down on the field…oh baby what a play”


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My only worry with the next generation of pitchers is their longevity.

You see kids at like 23 getting tommy john.

Its just the nature of the game. With all the analytics now. You can easily correct your pitching (if you have the skill) to throw some crazy stuff. But at the expense of your arm.

Starting Pitchers are going to turn into running backs in the NFL

Use the crap of them for the first 6-8 years then throw them in the garbage can.

Where as Sewell will be able to play at an elite level till his mid 30s.

Whats crazier? Sewell is 4 years younger that Skubal! Sewell could easily play in the NFL until 2035. I cant say the same for Skubal. At least not a starter

It seems the Verlanders (251 innings was his high) and Scherzers (228 innings was his high) will become a thing of the past [as did the Loliches and Colemans of 71-74 who threw 280-375 innings a year).

But the use of so many relievers during a game may extend a lot of starting pitchers careers longer than they might otherwise have.

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Fair BUT. I dont think Verlander was throwing 80+mph sliders with a boat load of movement at the age of 15 like a lot of these younger guys have.
Kids these days are throwing crazy stuff as a freshman in highschool so they can get drafted.

That means they would be throwing at a high level for 10+ years before they even make it to be a starting rotation.

I worry about how early these guys are starting and how that will effect their longevity