Who is the Lions’ most underrated player?

Khalif Raymond would’ve been my first thought.

ARSB was a first team All Pro in 2023. There’s no greater honor. Hard to see how he’s underrated.


Raymond or Glasgow.


This is hard to choose. I would agree about Glasgow, but he got a lot of praise (deserving) all season.

I’m going to go with Taylor Decker. He doesn’t get nearly the credit he deserves. He’s one of the best LT’s, but you’d never know because of his lack of pro-bowls, and overall recognition.

DMont is my other guy. I’ve said this on other threads that I’m blown away by this guy. I’d argue he was one of the MVP’s, and one of the best RB’s in the league.

He averages less than Half the snaps of ARSB. But
70%+ catch
13.8 Y/R
56% success rate
Over 106 passer rating when targeted

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He is highly underrated for sure. People get blinded by the flash of Gibbs so they’ve got their eyes closed when Monty is cooking.

My other would be Anzalone. He was crap for his first year+ which tarnished his image, and while I think everyone’s come around on him by now, he’s actually been playing even better than we think. Even when our defense was surrendering big plays last year, Anzalone was doing his job.

I also think Rodrigo’s become a little underrated, but I understand why, he rarely has a chance to show it. But he made a difference in the NFCCG when he stepped in. He was one of our highest-graded defensive players. Meanwhile JRM was getting killed.


I think Kerby is being slept on. Not sure if underrated is the right term. I also think some here will be surprised how good Barnes will be when he’s starting on a fairly sizable contract for a new team in 2025.

I still have high hopes for Kerby, but he definitely struggled last year. Was better when Iffy came into the picture so hopefully it was something like a sophomore slump.

Yeah it would be a shame if we took all the lumps for Barnes only so he could come really good for someone else. Maybe we can sign him a little early to a decent deal, he plays a pretty low value spot. And right now at least he’s not gonna be so coveted as to be out of our price range, though this year could certainly change things.

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I thought he was awful early and pretty good down the stretch.

He’s incredibly new to the position and with his style of play he’s always going to need to walk the tightrope between discipline and opportunism.

I may be a bit bias as I’m pretty sure I was the original sinner in regards to Kerby the prospect.

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I think Barnes will get the T.J. Edwards contract from someone.

That you were, but then you’ve always been a sucker for the ballhawks. I like them too don’t get me wrong, but as you say, discipline/opportunism.

Wasn’t Edwards coming off a year where he led Philly in tackles? Yeah, he was 7th in the league overall that year. And tied for 2nd among LBs in passes defended. Barnes hasn’t put up anything like that type of production. He could this year, especially if an injury opens the door for him, but I find it unlikely given Campbell and Anzalone will be getting the most snaps.

But he’s a WAY better athlete. And most marveled at how little Chicago got Edwards for which I do believe was bc he was such a middling athlete.

He is, but so is Jarrad Davis. At some point the production’s gotta match, though I do agree that it at least puts a decent floor on what his next contract could be.

Right. But not just ballhawks. I skew heavily to guys that have a propensity for making game altering plays. Probably to a fault. That’s why I liked Vaki for instance. That’s why I get suckered into skinny house call merchant WRs year after freaking year.

Barnes has better instincts than Davis. Especially now that they seem to be emerging. I also think an inspired GM/DC/HC group might see more of a pass rush role for him.

We’re talking 7m per here. Nothing insane but probably more than we’ll pay him. Maybe not.

Yeah the bigger issue to me is Barnes can’t really play WLB. Neither can Campbell. So I do think we’ll probably move on from Barnes. Which, in that respect, I hope he blows up so he helps out our comp pick.

Yes, bad early, but I think he’s been fantastic.

Rodrigo is a solid LB. He helps out all over the place. I wouldn’t be surprised if he took a step up.

Kirby drives me nuts. Love the ball hawking skills, but he’s always the guy that’s guilty of busted coverage. His tackling is horrible. He looks like he gets hurt when he tackles someone, and I do think he needs to chill on those legal “dirty” hits. He’s become too much of a ra ra guy. He needs to simmer down a little. Of course, I have high hopes also. But if Iffy keeps it up, and Rake is good at nickel, then I wouldn’t mind Iffy, and Branch taking over at S.

Those guys are both better in the box though or in short area coverage. They can probably play split but I’m not sure that’s our preference. Kerby, for all his faults, covers a ton of ground.

Kerby is a good safety IMO. He did have a slump early. I think we all just got over our skis after his rookie year thinking that we found Ed Reed or something. My comp for him has always been Deon Grant. Grant never made a Pro Bowl or anything but he was a nice free safety as his 160+ career starts attest to.

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He always reminded me of Jessie Bates. Probably a better tackler, though Bates is probably a little more disciplined at this point in his career. Both have that ballhawk knack though.

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