Who is your favorite Lion ever?

OK, we have a least favorite Lion thread, how about a favorite Lion thread.

I’ll try to list 5 off the top of my head (only players I’ve actually seen play)

  1. Chris Spielman
  2. Barry Sanders
  3. Matt Stafford
  4. Nate Burleson
  5. Bennie Blades

Loved Suh when he was with us. Loved his attitude, and no doubt he brought the fear of God into our opponents when he was standing on the Dline. But he left and I can’t support putting him in my top 5.

Enjoyed watching Calvin, but have kind of soured on him with all the drama over the money situation.

  1. Charlie Sanders - childhood icon
    2a. Bubba Baker - first glimmer of hope
    2b. Billy Sims - We have arrived!
  2. Barry Sanders - the franchise
    5abc - Spielman, Lucci, DHill
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Barry Sanders
Herman Moore
Bennie Blades
Mel Gray
Kenny G.

Matthew Stafford , Suh , Golladay , Calvin Johnson , Barry Sanders ,

  1. Barry (by a mile)
  2. Mathew
  3. Golliday
  4. CJ
  5. Spielman
  6. Mel Gray
  7. Suh
  8. Dre Bly
  9. Tate (wish he was here longer)
  10. Levy (when healthy)

Dominic Raiola and Cory Schlesinger

Barry, Sledge, Stafford, Hanson

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Lem Barney
Bubba Baker
Charlie Sanders
Mel Farr

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Leonard Thompson, followed closely by Freddie Scott.

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Born in Dallas, Texas

Moved to Detroit, Michigan in the summer of 1988 as a 3rd grader.

New home, new school, new friends, a whole new life.

The following spring, the Detroit Lions selected a kid out of Oklahoma St. named Barry Sanders.

I’ve been a Lions fan since then. Barry is %100 the reason I am a Lions fan today. Two kids from the southwest joined the Lions family back in the late 80’s, and we’re still apart of it today.


Chris cash and Jermaine Crowell

Lem, Charlie S, Billy, Dexter, Barry, Spielman, Dre, Moore, Calvin, Such.

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I legitimately don’t know if I have one, is that weird?

No. Grown men shouldn’t have favourite players.

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Barry Sanders. How is this even a question?


lol k


Someone will bite. LOL


No doubt. Which …is a shame.

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Scott Mitchell


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