Who is your out of the blue 1st rd lions pick?

Must be a guy who ca help the lions but is not one of the conventional “to the lions” picks. So no cb, linebacker or dline guys talked about in top 10. Also needs to be a realistic choice so no kicker or punter. Also no qbs we have talked about tua to lions so taking one is not out of the blue… lets talk the rest. Who is that guy for you?

Kinlaw He is expected to go in mid rd 1 I think he is better than Brown

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Mine would be one of the wr’s. We need one but in rd 1 would be out of the blue.

Wirfs or Herbert



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Not at 3, but in a trade down situation, Epenesa

Ruggs in a trade down.

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My wild out-of-the-blue pick is Justin Jefferson in the first round. I don’t think they’d take him top 10 though, so it’d have to be a trade down. I think he could come in and give us something the other guys don’t at the slot. A great gritty third down safety value guy chain mover that can also burn deep. We need that .

My second favorite pass rusher. The more I watch, the more I like him. If we could trade down twice and still stay ahead of Dallas, I’d be thrilled with him here. He moves to JACK, Collins moves to WILL, Jones moves to the pine. All good things. Then with the ammo, maybe we move back up from our 2nd rounder and grab one of the top CB’s left. Fulton/Diggs/Johnson.

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ditto[quote=“DetroitvsEverybody, post:6, topic:4894, full:true”]


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Yes the thought of this question is with a trade down or just staying at 3. Doesn’t matter. Either way these
Other guys are out of the blue picks because we are not expecting them to be the pick.


Stay at 3 it’s wills. Move down to 5-6 it’s kinlaw

Young. couldn’t help myself

double td - jeudy

Jerry Jeudy.

You all have touched on many of them. I’d add in CJ Henderson.

I would rank them like this.

  1. OT - Wills, Wirfs or Thomas

  2. CB - CJ Henderson, A.J. Terrell or Fulton

  3. DT - Kinlaw, Davidson, (I actually think Brown will be the Lions pick)

  4. WR - Lamb, Jeudy or Ruggs. Possibly Jefferson if we trade all the way to 18.

  5. DE / Edge Chaisson, Baun, I will even toss LB/Edge Murray in here.

Most of these guys won’t come into play unless we trade out of the top 10.

Most you beat me too it, I think Chaisson will be the pick if Young is gone, whether we trade down or stay put.

Trade down Ruggs, if we stay at 3 Chiasson