Who makes the team between Killebrew and Reeves-Maybin

With the Lions signing Collins and Ragland I don’t see Killebrew and Reeves-Maybin making it.

I got Reeves-Maybin making the team over Killebrew by a mile.

Reeves-Maybin was a special teams demon last year. He also looked better than Jarred Davis at mlb in his limited time there.

I actually think he has a lot of potential. He is so quick to read and react he just has to clean up his tackling a bit.

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Generally, with no preseason, the guys who have been with the Lions in the system have an advantage over the new players.

Looking at salaries, which is some measure of how players are valued, but certainly not conclusive, the Lions value Killebrew more than Ragland or Lee:


They signed Killebrew to a 1 year/ 2 million dollar deal.

Jalen Reeves - Maybin signed a 4 year, $3,018,887 contract with the Detroit Lions, including a $618,887 signing bonus, $618,887 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $754,722. In 2020, Reeves - Maybin will earn a base salary of $825,000, while carrying a cap hit of $979,724 and a dead cap value of $154,724.

For this reason, if it’s one or the other then I think JRM gets cut.

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Yep, but for the Lions the good news is there is about a 0% chance of him getting picked up so he should be available if the need arises.

To be honest, I don’t have either one on my projected 53, but I wouldn’t bet anything on it at this point.

I had high hopes for Killebrew during his rookie season. Seemed to be making some plays and also appeared to be a rather intelligent young man. Not sure how he got derailed. Wish both of them luck though.

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If you have to choose one or the other, choose the one that gets meaningful snaps at their position. That would be JRM from what I’ve seen. I like Killebrew, but he’s not really a safety or a linebacker.

For the record I think both of them will make the team. They’re good on special teams, and the COVID restrictions give the edge to players that already know the system.