Who ordered the McDonalds

Hilarious, guy is clueless he is walking on the court in the middle of a game. Plus how did he get to the court?


This was â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  hilarious.


He’s dedicated.

They just let him walk in the building with no ticket to make the delivery…lol was it for the ref!?

somehow a marketing ploy


What Sister Jean wants, Sister Jean gets.

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Gig economy = Gomer Employees everywhere.

We had a life insurance exam scheduled for Mah Sweetie and she had to do a medical questionnaire, blood draw and unrine sample.

Set the appointment with the Ins Co provider for 7pm . About noon, the medical prilovider calls and asks to switch it to 1pm. Ok.

Dude shows uo dressed like, well, a homeless guy, ish. Certainly not in scrubs like the person I had a month previously for mine.

Sits down, first thing asks where Allegan County is. Its his next appointment…then starts in with a pile of paperwork and acts like he clearly doesnt want to be here., says its tons of questions. We answered all the medical on the app already…and he is both unaware of that and doesnt know what he is having us sign…“its just a lot of stuff, man”

Did I mention he smelled like weed? So yeah, he starts backing out and Mah Sweetie is having none of this guy drawing blood from her, so he “really needs to get to my next one at 2…we can reschedule cause I cant be out here late (so he reset our 7pm because he needs to be home before dark?)”

Call the agency, of course he’s a 1099 contractor and doesnt want to drive all the way out here ( we are 8 miles from downtown Kalamazoo, closer than the main adjoining suburb, but out in a bedroom community)…and would we like to come in to the medical office where they have Actual Phlebotomists in Actual Scrubs in and Actual Healthcare setting?

Ummm…yeah. jesus.

Holy shit, man

A lot of addicts are actually really good at needling that vein! Like in the dark and shit! :crazy_face:


Well played

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Mobile Phlebotomy Lab
fast times at ridgemont high minds GIF


What did you expect him to do? Nobody in the crowd claimed the order, so it must have been one of those guys running around in shorts. The man is dedicated to his trade!

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I read it was staged after people looked into it. Who knows.

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Yea it was funny but staged for sure. Great free advertising for both McDonalds and Uber Eats.


You mean he didn’t pay $13 to get into a ballgame and deliver a $9 burger meal?

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Real question is why are you ordering McDonald’s. I would be on the John for a few hours after eating that.