Who plays fantasy football andfor how long?

I’ve been playing off and on since 1991.

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I’ve been in the same work league since around 2000. Hundy buy in and I’m probably up $700 or so. It’s been fun. Crazy amount of turnover since the beginning. I’m the longest tenured.

It used to be a nice distraction to the Lions.

Nice. My main league has been active since 1989. My buddies and I thought we were so clever cause we basically took rotisserie baseball - which was much more popular at the time - and applied the same rules to football. It looked very different than it does today.

Been playing since 1990ish

We used the Wednesday USA Today to score rte players. That was the gospel

Now it 2-3 leagues per year depending

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Same here. My first draft pick ever was Barry Sanders, in his sophomore year.

We also used the USA today to retrieve our stats.

We have had the same 12 people in this league all these years.

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That is awesome

My first league slowly blew up

I need to find a better league(s)

Would like to be in 2 $100-200 leagues.
I do feel like the price tag dictates the overall focus and intensity of the league usually

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We all kick in a few bucks that goes toward a trophy…nothing big really.

I got lucky. Every single person in that league is ultra competitive and ultra active.

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I play Fantasy Football in my back yard.


I heard Crowdnoise ran a pretty decent league.

I have been playing for 15 years. Variations of formats.

  1. standard scoring league. Kinda boring. Not the best drafters, so i load up on running backs while they are loading up on last years star wr. So every year i end up with 4-5 of the top 8 running backs on my team. Last year i had williams, gibbs, cmac, henry and hall on my team. Ive won the league 3 out of 4 years the odd year i lost by .12 of a point in the championship game. 100 dollar buy in. 12 team league.

  2. PPR league with big play scoring. Basically 1 point for every 10 yards of a big play. So think if goff throws Jamo a 60 yard td. If you have Jamo you are scoring 6 points just off the catch. Plus a 5 point bonus for a 50 yard pass and if he scores thats also 6 points. So you could be talking about a 20 point play right there and if you happen have goff, you could be going up on your opponent by 50 plus points on just one play. 2 starting qbs, scores average 160-200 a game. 100 dollar buy in. Have won it twice. We have an actual super bowl replica guys get to keep for a year. The two qb thing is funnish, but annoying as hell bc its hard to habe 2 let alone 3 decent options. This last year i had burrow, fields ans richardson…so yeah i was screwed.

  3. same format as league 2. 200 dollar buy in. There was a 6 year waiting list to get into the league. It’s my best friend in nebraska and guys he knows…funny side note…one of the guys is joe burrow’s uncle. Cool as hell. Realytough league everyone can draft. Claim to fame i won the league my first year. Oh the worst team (team 12) has to get a tattoo of the opponents choosing. I’ve already been told my tattoo would say something like “i love aaron rodgers” or “i love buckeyes”…i am hell bent on never coming close to last. :crazy_face:

I’ve played for many years…but gotta say it’s gotten pretty boring. Unless the league has some good shit talkers…I don’t really care much anymore.

the league GIF by hero0fwar

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Up the buy-in and the payouts. You’ll care. Oh, you’ll care. You can pay to care. How much you wish to care depends on league member’s stomach to handle losses of cash.

It wasn’t for me. I ended up spending way too much time on it. Kind of like this website, but this is way more enjoyable for me. I watched players I didn’t care about. 1 and done.

If there is enough money, could probably get into Mike Vick’s dog fighting. Not sure that’s a compelling argument.

I have never heard of, or played Fantasy Football.


Damn - there are a lot of things I could give up before I give up FF. What was Randy Moss’s first year? 99? I got him with the last pick of the overall draft and won the league!!!

Our league seems to be a QB league, but in the last 3-4 years, a guy won with D Henry and then C McCafferrey. McCaffery has been super dominant…drives me crazy cuz I’ve pass on him a ton…

We use CBS - cbs sportsline - works great. Plus there are a ton of other things we can use to wager.

You arent wrong. Unless there is a group of shit talkers may as well play against randoms in a random espn league wherr you know no one.

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Been playing 30 years. Last year was the 1st year that I didn’t play in a salary cap league.

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Football League ?1999, but I’m old school enough to be sending in from my Street and Smiths and Sporting News the tear out page where you select a guy per position with salary, mail it in and wait all season. So…1980s.

Basketball 1989

Baseball- Statis Pro (Avalon Hill) 1979, StratOMatic 1982 (played online during COVID, the computer engine is balls), then Pursue the Pennant in the 80s/ 90s…then online actual fantasy baseball 1999. Play 4 leagues now, one a NL only original Rotisserie rules 4x4 league (still have the original book) complete with Yoo Hoo dousing from the league to the champ. ESPN, Yahoo, Sandbox, lots of other platforms…
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