Who remembers 95

If I remember correctly we had the number 1 offense and went on a win streak of 7 in a row . Do you guys think we can do it again .

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Not unless we can suddenly get everyone back healthy and the defense plays like it did on Sunday. Even then I wouldn’t bet on it.

Not unless our receiving Corps gets healthy and stays that way.
Mitchell had Barry in the backfield, Moore, Perriman, Green, and Scott, along with a great Oline.
The defense wasn’t too shabby, either.
The weak link on that team was Mitchell.


Imagine if we hadn’t signed Mitchell for all that money and signed Randall Cunningham who was laying tile at the time. Randall came back to football and was lights out for Minny


No. No I don’t.


Imagine if we had given Eric Kramer a shot at starting?
While Mitchell was starting for us, Kramer was starting for Chicago.
Why did we never give the guy who came off the bench and finished a playoff run, not once, but, twice, and led our only playoff win in 33 years, a shot?
Btw, in his last season in Detroit (93), Kramer had a 95.1 PR.
Politics! He crossed a picket line.
That didn’t seem to be a problem for Chicago. He was their starter for 5 years!
We started Andre Ware in front of him, in 93, until he went down.


Imagine if our front office had had the foresight to sign warren moon out of the cfl. Although that may have cost us Barry.

Truth. I always liked Kramer. I remember when he engineered that comeback win against the Lions as a Bear and he cried on the field after. Dude was raw about how he was cast aside here


Sometimes history repeats itself!!

The Packer and Dallas games at the end of the 91 season should have made him a Super Star in Detroit.
I still have the Detroit News paper following the Packer win with the front page banner that read, “Air-ric Kramer”.
He was perfectly suited for that offense!


I’d be happy if we beat the Bears & Giants for a 3 game winning streak. Both teams are beatable.

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Kramer played at a high level for quite a while (and I have no idea who his O-coordinator was, but something tells me they were probably not great).
Getting rid of him was just another dumb move in the long dysfunctional history of our franchise.


Not with the health of this team. And I am generally not one to necessarily bring up injuries because every team has them, but man it always seems like key guys which is so frustrating.

Offense: Yes, we know, Goff is not Joe Montana. And he absolutely has got to play better second halves. But no, not on him; not without (or not at all near 100%) Swift, ASB, Cephus, Chark, now Netflix and Hock gone. Reynolds with a lingering back and Ragnow with a lingering toe. Fastest guy on the team has yet to play an NFL snap. I love 'Lif but only so much he, Goff and Williams can do.

Defense: Walker gone. That might be the biggest one all year. Now Kerby in protocol. Rodriguez who knows. Lucas and Parker with lingering stuff in the secondary. We still have no idea if Hutch is just taking a fun little shot every week (stemming from the Washington game). Coaches barely play Barnes.

If you had asked me three months ago if this team could rattle off 7 straight, my answer would have been “If they stay healthy absolutely.”

It’s just not the hand this team was dealt this year.

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I had a newspaper clipping on my wall that said “Be Ware of Andre Ware”.

Beat writers were more clever back than.


Here is what I remember about 1995, the way it ended in the playoffs (against Rodney Peete):


Kramer only had 1 good season and that was 1995.

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Lol well Fontes went through coordinators like people go through underwear. 1990 Mouse Davis
91 Dave Levy
92 Dan Henning
93 Levy/Henning combo
94 Dave Levy
95 Tom Moore
96 Tom Moore
97 Sylvester Croom

We were always chasing players for a system, then changing the system. Davis was run and shoot, Levy was more run than pass, Henning was more 2 TE with play action. Then Moore came in with an Air Coryell type of attack.

It seems the cycle is continuing 27 years later

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I remember that game. It was worse than 57 - 38 too. Part of that legendary decade of making the playoffs 6 out of 10 years and sh-ing the bed in 6 of the 7 games…

Also a fun reminder that it has been 31 years since this team won a playoff game. And have only won ONE in 99% of this boards lifetime. And have only made the playoffs 11 times spanning back to before 99% of our lifetime.

The oldest member of this board MIGHT have seen the 70s playoffs. They didn’t go again until 1982, 1983, and 1991. I was 2, 3, and 11 respectively. So in hindsight I’ve probably been able to understand and enjoy (you know what I mean) 8 playoff games in my life.

But hey at least I got to go to one. …oh wait, that was the one when Favre hit Sharpe wide open running into that end I was sitting in 10 rows up directly in front of Sharpe.

Never mind. I’m now depressed. I hate this topic :joy:.

Good times.

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Are we playing an Aaron Rodgers-led team where he has the worst game of his life each week?

Because if so…maybe.

Wait til next year