Who Replaces JBC?

I believe it’s a forgone conclusion that JBC will be the sacrificial lamb in the offseason. He’s the last holdover from the previous regime and Quinn will replace him and finally have “his” team after next offseason. It’s also my opinion that next year HAS to be the start of our “window”. With 3 drafts and FA periods under his belt and a new coaching staff, the excuses stop. So… Who’s going to be available for OC?? I love what McVay did in LA, he’s an offensive guy so he brings in one of the best DCs in the league, who’s been an unsuccessful HC, and hands him the key to the defense. I’d like to see the Lions do the something similar… Haley? Philbin? Maybe Todd Monken?

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Watch it be Todd Haley


I laughed and I cried at that comment.

I’m guessing that if he is replaced that it will be a coach that once coached at Syracuse.

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Josh McDaniels!!!

Then we would have “Do your job” in stereo.

Hue Jackson lol

Bruce Arians…that would be funny.

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Zac Taylor please

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Kendall Briles would be an inspired choice but it’s a bit too outside of the box to actually happen.

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Sounds like Arians wants the Browns job.

I’ve talked with some friends out here in Denver and they thought Hue Jackson is kind of like Wade Phillips in that he’s much more suited to be a good coordinator than a head coach.

I’m don’t really know much about Jackson. Any thoughts if he would be a good fit? He’s definitely been around a lot.

Speaking of Denver. I read somewhere that Kubiak wanted to return to coaching but not as a HC.

Kubiak would be a great hire. That’s why I have zero confidence that we will land him.

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How about not getting an old retread and find someone innovative and forward thinking.

Kliff Kingsbury from Texas Tech? High powered, high scoring offense that does not rely on the QB running nonstop or tons of read-option plays. Former QB.

Mike Norvell from Memphis? Another high scoring offense, They run the ball more than half the time and have been a solid team since he took over in 2015.

Josh Heupel from Central Florida? The team hasn’t missed a beat after Frost left and is undefeated right now. Was an OC at Mizzou and Oklahoma before taking over there.

I would have hired Kubiak as a head coach over Patricia and getting him as OC would be a coup

I just want someone who can adapt to the players we have and the new rules in the NFL. Don’t tell me we need to change out all of the players on offense, come up with a scheme that maximizes their talents. I’m so damned frustrated with supposedly smart coaches who can’t run anything other than “their” scheme.


You’re not getting a successful college head coach to take a OC job in the pros.

You could get a guy like Bobby Petrino if the Cards move on. He obviously was a failure a an NFL HC but perhaps as an OC he’d work. Not sure if Martha would sign off on the character part of it. Then again JBC likes to climb into young women’s apparently and cuddle with them so perhaps Petrino would be the be the perfect guy to pass the torch to.

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I don’t think that will be an issue, flexibility has been a huge part of the Patriots system and most of the players acquired have been versatile types.

George Godsey.

Depends on how much you pay them. 2 of the 3 I mentioned are on teams that are right around the .500 mark. Kingsbury makes a ton but Huepel and Norvell are in range for sure.

Kendall Briles has been a college OC for four seasons. Here are the total offense rankings.

2015 - 1 (Baylor)
2016 - 34 (Baylor)
2017 - 9 (Fla. Atl. has fallen to 23rd w/o him)
2018 - 5 (Houston)

2016 was a tough year for Baylor with all of the (well deserved) off the field stuff. I’m willing to call that an outlier.

In those four years he has worked under four of the brightest offensive minds in college football. Out of all the spread systems his arguably puts the most vertical pressure on the defense and have always been coupled with strong running games.

I’d rather have his dad but I doubt Martha would sign off on the PR hit that would entail.

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Agree to disagree, OrigJoker. It would shock me if any of those three would make that move. Kiffin? Maybe. Generally speaking I think Head Coach of a CFB team to NFL OC is seen as a downgrade.