Who should we take first round with our 3 picks?

Honestly, I think a perfect draft is Lloyd/Jamo/Sauce Gardner
But I think we 100% need to take Linderbaum if he falls to us, Kelce might retire this offseason

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You think Howie will go LB in the 1st? Isn’t he sort of legendary for undervaluing the position?

I think he probably will. It’s basically the only position (besides maybe WR and S) that’s really not the great on the roster. Edwards and Singleton are solid run stuffers but they absolutely blow in pass coverage… the only thing we’re missing is a true number 1 mike LB

Plus this is the first draft class in a while that has a lot of LB depth. We had the option to take parsons last year but I think we made the right choice with Devonta

I’m with you on the depth of this class, I think LB is maybe the deepest position. But I think that might be why Howie decides to wait, cause he believes he can get someone later. And hasn’t that LB position been a roster hole since… I don’t know, Hicks I guess? And yet Howie still hasn’t addressed it early.

Yeah. Our LBs in the super bowl were Mychal Kendricks and Nigel Bradham. I’m not a coach or anything, but I bet you our defensive scheme doesn’t require amazing LB’s (It’s a 3-4) Like we haven’t had anyone great at that position in so long. Even hicks wasn’t really that amazing in his time here

You guys shouldn’t make 3 1st round picks.

You should make one.

At 2.


There isn’t really anyone in the top 5 that I would want

If Howie is willing to splurge on a LB, I’d target Nakobe Dean from Georgia. Your Iggles would be set at MLB for a while with that kid

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I think his stock is high right now, I would love him but I don’t know if he’d fall to the mid 10s

I hope the Eagles go farther than the Rams in the playoffs so they don’t take anyone we want to drop to the Rams pick. I could see them snagging a WR or LB we want right in front of us.