Who the Lions will pick, who you want them to pick

I think they pick Devin White
I want the Lions to select Bosa, Q. Williams or Josh Adams, if they are not available, I want White.

How about you guys?

I’d rather draft someone else like Hockeson or who evers left over from the glut of edge rushers and have the front office push very hard for this rumour to become a reality…

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Can someone tell me why Barr is so coveted? I haven’t studied him much, but he seems pedestrian when looking at stats alone.

A lot of people (myself included) think he’s playing in a system that doesn’t utilize his skills best. Zimmer is rigid with scheme, Patricia will scheme to the players. I do think Barr has Von Miller potential.

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I’m hoping for a TD, pick up and extra 2nd or 3rd and get Devin White if he’s still there or the best DE on the board if he isn’t. I would probably hope to get the best TE in the 2nd, and after that it depends on which FAs they sign. I would like it if the Lions can sign a decent FA slot WR, TE, OG, and an RB2 and a Safety, LB (if they don’t get White), and CB on the defense. But that’s a lotta holes to fill, they’re going to need a couple of rookies to start and play well from the getgo.

I hope we have the chance to draft J Allen, but i think we pick ultimately draft M Sweat. Its difficult to predict before FA, but this is what im thinking at this point.