Who think MP made the call to

his Titan Buddy and said, here you go you can thank me later. Possible or no


You think 9-4 Tennessee would risk everything by tampering to beat the friggen lions? Come on now…

Would it be considered tampering since MP is no longer with the team, anything to get a W

He seems like the type who would do that.

I am sure he gave them everything he could.

I hope Bevell is smart enough to change their signals.

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If a call like that was placed, I am sure the next thing Vrabel said was “Hey, thanks coach! Good luck to you!” Hangs up the phone

“Ok guys, I know what we are NOT doing for this week’s game plan …”

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He’s probably telling every team what it takes to beat the Lions through his burner account on Twitter.


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All he has to do is give him a copy of our playbook and signals.

Not to mention any tendencies we might have.

That’s true. Patricia might tip them off that we have a tendency to not stop the run and play shitty defense. Patricia is certainly an expert on those facts.


Well done

Post of the week!

thought i was going to find do you think MP made the call “to not challenge the placement on the obvious first down.?”

Yeah, I thought of MP on 3rd and 11 and we went no pressure and no coverage.